Newly qualified Gas engineer looking for work

3 Oct 2010
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United Kingdom
I gained my ACS qualifications in CCN1, CEN1 and CPA1 a few months ago and finding it really hard finding work.

Am going back to college next week to hopefully gain my HTR1, CKR1 and MET2.

Hopefully doing these will improve my chances of finding employment.

Have tried local and larger companies and still to no avail.

If I don't find work soon am thinking of setting up on my own. Am just quite nervous about the minefield I could encounter out there! Feel I've no other choice cos don't want my qualifications to go to waste.

Any tips on setting up on my own (Small loans,advertising) etc would be appreciated. Or companies that may take on newly qualified engineers.

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Not a good climate to set up on your own, even if you have years of experiance, you have none, if you do it anyway i would steer clear of repairs as without experiance you will fall well short, its best learning repairs at someones else's expense if you can, but then you're gonna have fierce competition on the install side aswell, you shouldnt work for yourself untill you have 5 - 10 years experiance, but thats just my opinion good luck
Live in West Yorkshire

Did training with local housing company but no vacancies at minute

Was made redundant and paid for course, am 31 years old
going on yer own in a no no

get a job with a firm

learn and then mabye you can make the grade

theres then that know and theres them that shout about it

me i was the bestest boiler fixer in england
but it got boring cos i was always right so i peed off to the other side of the pond and started learning again :LOL:

ohh yeah there was a female involved in there somewhere ;)
What sort of course, all in college or some in real life situations, how long was your course?
The problem is all ACS mean is your safe to work on gas, doesnt actually mean you know anything about heating, that only comes with experiance
I kind of agree with you Ollie but don't want qualifications to go to waste and finding it tough to find a job.

Maybe try to go into partnership with someone more experienced?
There's a glut of new entrants out there, the training centers are raking it in whilst telling tall tales of rich pickings but the truth is you've just joined the goldrush and found out it's fools gold.

join the very long queue at the job center.
6 months. About 3 months out on training doing installs, services and repairs. On paper my experience looks **** but don't know what to do next. Maybe things could pick up when it's freezing and could be more jobs out there.
honestly mate, your only real way forward is find yourself employment, there arnt many people that would let someone with zero experience loose on jobs on their own. you would be classed as an old fashioned 'improver'
I kind of agree with you Ollie but don't want qualifications to go to waste and finding it tough to find a job.

Maybe try to go into partnership with someone more experienced?

Not sure if it would work, as i said times are hard at the minute, you realy need to be working for a company, depending on your financial situation you could apply to be an improver, but obviously it would be less money, it might need to be the route you take to get the experiance you desperatly need, just a thought, might not be for you or them
Yeah am applying saying i'll work for a low rate to start with and still no joy. Will keep trying. Hopefully something will come up soon. Thanks

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