on line dating site, any good ???

1 Jun 2008
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United Kingdom
Of topic here, I was divorsed a few years ago, and have been playing with the idea of signing up to a site, M***H.com. it seems the most advertised site. but I have read so many bad things about it, so Im still on the fence on this one.
I have been living abroad for so many years, and am now back in the Uk,
Please can anyone who has , or has friends that have used the site.
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Get my new app for your I Phone. It's called GUFF ® (Girls Up For Fun)
It's so new that it isn't available in the shops yet. Although I have an advertising campaign already planned....

Picture two Geordie lads speaking to each other ,,, First Geordie lad " Whayhay man what ye daein the neet?"
Second Geordie lad "" Whayay man Ahm off oot Guffin doon toon !!"
Cut to a lovely view of the Tyne Bridge with a sexy female voiceover.
" Lads,,, do you like guffing?" " If so,, download the new app for your phone.... GUFF,,, and meet the slapper of your dreams tonight. "

;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)
Beware, JJ.

I hold the intellectual properties to 'MUFFING' (Men Up for Fun)
do not sign up to the MATCH!! all you will get is spam and girls from non EU countries trying to get Visas

if you want to meet someone then try plentyofish ITS FREE - IT WORKS

join up, then attend some of the social events that are organised get to know people through the meets
great fun and you will eventually meet mrs right!
I tried match and am now engaged.

I recommended match to a friend at work, he is now living with a new partner.

Match can work too.

P.S. none of the above people are from non EU countries or need a visa :p
Yes, PLENTY OF FISH or FREEDATING.CO.UK are both free and reputable.

Beware of bogus profiles by persons whose sole aim is to charm money out of people. :(

A lady on the radio lost £60000 to a conman that she had met on a dating site who charmed her over a number of weeks before she handed over her life savings in installments.

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