One Pipe System?

2 Nov 2005
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United Kingdom
A customer has complained of poor heating performance at several radiators, especially at the extremeties of the house. I took up some floor boards today and found this:

Am I right in thinking this is a manifold for a single pipe system in 10mm copper? There doesnt seem to be any pattern to flow and return pipes so I don't think one part of the manifold is flow and another part return.

Any further input from you guys?
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there may be a divide in the middle. See if you can trace 2 pipes back from one radiator to the manifold. May find one goes in one end one the other. Either way if things are not working it might just be worth cutting it out and seeing if its blocked up.
It's probably a two pipe system with baffles inside the manifold.
So 9 sets of f&r.
It looks like a Yorkshire WM18 Micrafold manifold which is normally blocked in the centre, giving 9 flow and 9 return connections.
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That is a beaut.

Get a marker pen, turn on the heating and find out what gets hot first to establish which side(s) is feed, which return.
Many thanks Guys for your input... it's going to save me a lot of pipe chopping for nothing... will investigate the non functioning rads and leave the manifold well alone!

Might be sludged pipes to the offending rads - If you can`t strip and repipe them - try blasting each 1 @ a time with mains water. I did that , connected to main with JG speedfit - pipe to rad valve disconnected and held out a window ;)

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