Potterton EP2002 to Hive Active heating and hot water

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Oops, here it is.

The instructions on this post I was sure I'd be able to replace my Potterton Controls EP2002 with a Hive 2 in no time at all. It has all come unravelled at the stage of ensuring the old thermostat wires are out of the loop.

I've got a BGMVSP-23 value with a black cable leaving it that has 5 wires in it. Grey, white, blue yellow-green and orange. I cannot find a wiring diagram for the value with those colours on it.
There is a connector that takes the black valve cable and wires it into a white cable where the wires change colour to; white, yellow, blue, yellow-green and the orange becomes an orange and a red wire.
This then comes into a junction box on the left hand side. There are a few other cables that come in from the airing cupboard and two that come and go to the now Hive controller.

Please can anyone advise me what changes I need to make?

The room thermostat has a 4 wire cable with a bare copper, blue, yellow and red wire in it. Unfortunately that matches the description of the three other wires that enter the bottom of my junction box.

I'll try drawing out a diagram.
It would seem that there used to be a Switchmaster valve before the BG one was fitted.
The yellow wire on the Switchmaster valve is for the heating, so that wire needs connecting to the blue wire from the hive.
So the existing wires connected to the yellow from the valve and the blue from the hive should be the old room stat red and yellow. There should also be a blue wire which will be the neutral to the old room stat that you should disconnect.
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So the existing wires connected to the yellow from the valve and the blue from the hive should be the old room stat red and yellow. There should also be a blue wire which will be the neutral to the old room stat that you should disconnect.

Thank you for your pointers. If I have understood correctly I should disconnect the wire marked with an X and then add a connection (or move the wire to connect) with where the dashed line sites.

After that I will try to identify the neutral wire for the room thermostat and disconnect it as well. It should be easy enough if I can see which cable the red and yellow wires you mention go into.
I wanted to say thank you once more for the help provided on this forum. I'm pleased to say that the older room thermostat has been removed and the heating seems to still be working.
Hi, managed to wire up the receiver for hive replacing our old potterton controller. I have looked for the wiring coming back from my thermostat which I think is in a junction box next to the tank but I am unsure what to change. Any ideas?


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The thermostat SL is almost certainly the yellow wire connected to the bottom terminal (assuming the black cable going in the bottom of the box is going to the heating valve). Completely disconnect all of the wires from that cable (red, yellow, Blue), then move the brown wire from the bottom terminal to the terminal where the red wire you disconnected was.
Hi thanks for the info i this post it pretty much has got me there. The only issue I have is when the heating comes on the hot water does too, but when the hot water comes on the heating doesn't. Apart from that everything works fine. I'm not sure if its something I've wired wrong in the junction box in the airing cupboard. Please see pic below
There's not enough information in that one photo to tell, but I can't work out why there are 3 wires in terminal 5, assuming the flex with the red black and grey wires is going to the cyl stat. Did you have separate control of heating and hot water before? I assume the blue brown and green/yellow wires on the very left are feeding that shower pump, or the heating pump?

Hi Echo thanks for coming back to me. I've tried taking a couple of more photos and tidied up the wiring a little, so I hope that you can see better. The junction box has 2 x 2 port valves (grey and black 4 cores) both that seem to be on the cental heating pipes, a cylinder stat (white flex-red, black and grey) , and a central heating pump (white flex - twin and earth). The pump next to the junction box is a water pump wired to a spur elsewhere. The wires in the terminals are a follows

Term 1 - neutrals for pump and both valves
Term 2- live for pump
Term 3 - brown from valve-grey wire
Term 4 - brown from valve-black wire and black from cylinder stat
Term 5 - red from cylinder stat
Term 6 - orange from both valves
Term 6 - grey from both valves
Term on its own with red, yellow and red is the old room stat.

I'm pretty certain that I had separate hot water and heating controls before as when I advanced one of them the other I don't think came on.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Okay so im stuck, i had the potterton ep2002 controls with a honeywell thermostat, managed to wire up the reciever thanks to all the info in this post, im now just baffled by the thermostat, complete novice im assuming i dont just block it off, and stick the new thermostat on the wall, any help from this attached photos is much aporeciated.


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Remove the black wire in terminal 10
Put the black wire that is in 11 into 10 with the existing brown wire.
Now the grey wire that is in the cable that has the brown wire in 11 and the black that was in 10 needs removing from 4. These 3 wires (which go to your old thermostat) can all be put into 11 or cut off because they are no longer needed.
Hi folks.

I have an oil boiler running off a ep2002. It also has the three value thingy to direct the flow between the radiators and the hot water tank.
If i take the covers off this weekend and photograph the wiring to the ep2002, the thermostat and the junction in the tank cupboard, would you be able to guide me please?
Help I have replaced my Potterton EP2002 with a hive.

It’s all linked but the boiler doesn’t kick in when ch is on.

I have moved wires from Potterton L N 3 4 and put what was in 5 in L with the L from Potterton.

I have removed the wires from the thermostat Potterton prt2 and put the wires into a chock block, as per picture.

Is this correct or should there be a link between the thermostat wires?

Thanks in advance


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