Poured concrete steps with brick

7 Jul 2015
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United Kingdom
Hi Guys

I am trying to think of the best (easiest) way to do this. Basically I have a raised patio that I want to build a set of steps up/in to. the steps themselves will be almost a semi-circle. I want to use brick for the risers and then slabs on top.

Question is, do I make forms and pour the steps plus a single brick width, then brick up the front of the risers OR would it be better to just brick the risers, then fill with sub-base/concrete individually? I am thinking in terms of structural integrity it's probably best to pour the lot in one go, maybe with some rebar up the length of them?


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You need to better explain or perhaps draw your ideas? What size? How many steps? Etc

A photo of the area would help to if the patio is already built
The patio is not built currently, I am in the process of blocking up the retaining wall. The best illustration I can find is this: http://www.organicoyenforma.com/images/decorativelandscapesinc.com/i/Steps_rounded1.jpg

I would imagine each step will be approximately 3000x300, growing shorter with every step up. The total height of the patio will be ~1000-1500 (to be decided) which gives me around 4-5 steps(ish). I hope this makes sense.

225mm is about the max you want to go. Steps bigger than 10" are borderline dangerous.

There are 2 ways to do it.

1. Pour a slab of concrete 4-6" thick over the whole step area then build essentially a curved wall for each riser. The area behind the risers can be filled with clean rubble / gravel. This is my preferred method. Obviously the bases can be roughly done in block on the flat to bring the height up before visible brick risers.

The other way I to build your bottom riser then infill the whole tread with concrete level with the top of your riser. Then build your next riser on that and repeat.

This is marginally easier technically because there is little planning or skill needed to get accurate heights and tread depths between risers etc as each time your only building 2 courses of brick off a level platform.

The problem with this method is a much higher quantity of concrete is needed plus you can only do one step per day as you need the previous days on filled to build on it. Also personally I think a huge mass of concrete like that is more likely to settle in the coming years due to its sheer weight.
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I like option 1. Seems safer. Didn't take into account settlement. Thanks!

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