Power Shower lost its power?

10 Apr 2008
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United Kingdom
Hi there,

I have a pull cord power shower that worked up to yesterday morning when it was last used.

When I pulled the cord to switch it on this morning, the neon light on the pull cord did not come on. Neither was the neon light on the shower unit.

I have no idea what could have gone wrong.

Could it be possible that the fuse has blown either at the pull cord switch or the shower unit?

Any idea how I can fix this?

The shower unit itself is probably about 5 years old now.
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Hi, do you mean an electric shower (white plastic box thing on the wall with knobs and lights)?
Hi regsmyth,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I do mean the shower unit(the white plastic box on the wall with the knobs) does not have its neon light on. Its completely off with no water coming out.

Also, the pull cord switch that normally turns the shower unit on, doesn't seem to be on either because the neon light on the cord switch seems to be off.

Being a bit silly woman sometimes, I thought I kept pulling it and hoping it might magically turn the neon light on on the pull cord switch...but its no go.

I thought maybe the fuse in the pull cord switch might be blown so I thought I look in there but I cant see anything.

Maybe I am looking at the wrong place?
it sounds like you've lost power to the pull cord switch, so perhaps the fuse has blown/mcb has tripped at the consumer unit (fuse box). If so, there's probably a good reason, such as a loose connection or other fault on the circuit, or perhaps a fault with the shower itself.
Find out if the mcb or fuse has blown (look at your fusebox and see if you can see one of the thingys labelled "shower"). Try to reset it and see if it goes again. If it does, you'll need to check all the connections on the circuit, either visually, or with a tester.
If there isn't a little button or lever to flip, I wouldn't advise going any further unless you can send a photo, or get someone in to have a look. My guess is that the pull cord switch itself is to blame, perhaps the contacts are getting a bit worn or corroded.
Doesn't the shower unit itself have an on/off switch? Isn't it better to leave the pull cord switch on and just use the one on the shower?
As far as I know, there won't be a fuse in the pull switch or in the shower.
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Why do people insist theres a fuse in their shower switch? :eek:

Anyway, as regsmyth says, its better to leave the shower switch on, and simply use the controls on the shower. If you're using the shower switch under load (ie. you pull the cord and the shower comes on, and you use the cord to shut it off), this is the likely reason for its failure. The contacts in shower switches dont like switching under load, and it will probably have been arcing and sparking when you do this (though you wont have seen it).

When you opened the switch, did you see any melted wires or exposed copper? If theres any melting happening, do not use the shower until its fixed!!!!!
Hi regsmyth, thanks again for responding.

I have checked the fuse box last nite. The mcb flip thing for the shower is on the 'on' position. I turned it off and then on but no luck. So it looks like the switch is gone and needs replacing.

Hi Steve, well, my logical mind seems to think most electrical things will have a fuse. But in this case, there is none :) There's always something new to learn everyday :)

I'm not a tall woman and I couldn't see much when I opened up the switch. The wires hanged on to the switch cover real tight. I didn't want to pull the cover too hard in case I break the wire connections.

I think I'm going to get an electrician to come in and replace the switch. My neck is sore from the screwing and unscrewing the switch cover. Those screws are long and take ages to do! Not sure I want to do that again now that I know there is no fuse in there!

Thanks again for taking the time to read my posts and responding :eek:)
Probably a good call to get a sparky in for this one young lady.
But for future reference, remember if your shower’s "mcb flip thing" is in the on position, there will be live wires present at your shower’s pullcord switch.
So if you did want to investigation the switch further, remember to switch the shower’s MCB in your consumer unit OFF first.
Just don’t want you to get hurt ;)

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