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After my first swim session and chasing after a runaway dog yesterday, for the first time in a year I’ve gone under 17st. - 16st 13 and a quarter pounds to be precise. :giggle:
Get yourself down the allotment
A mate of mine was insulin Type 2 for years, he had a stroke in 2020, after treatment he was no longer diabetic
Mind you he has lost peripheral vision, balance, had a pacemaker fitted, cataracts removed, wears hearing aids and can't tell the time or use a phone
@Mottie I know you and Mrs Mottie are good cooks, but I would recommend trying Gusto or Hello Fresh for a few weeks to see how you get on.

I use hello fresh when I needed to lose weight. Not only can you pick the lighter meals (calorie-wise) if you want, but the key thing was the portion control. They give you exactly the right amount of all the ingredients, and while I often found myself looking at the plate and thinking there wasn't 'enough' there, actually it was perfect fine portion wise.

I also did calorie counting and couch to 5km at the same time and managed to shed 22kg in 4 months, but I went at it pretty hard.

Screenshot 2024-03-20 at 14.27.08.png

Best of luck with whatever method you try. I found the first week the hardest, so just keep busy. After that your body adjusts to whatever diet/regime you've switched to.
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