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Preparation for Tiling Bathroom Wall

Discussion in 'Tiling' started by anbudhan, 6 May 2021.

  1. anbudhan


    3 Feb 2014
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    United Kingdom
    Hi ,

    I am planning to DIY bathroom tiling. Currently the wall tiles fixed directly on the one brick plastered wall for half the height. I am planning to remove all existing tiles on the wall and apply a water proof layer in-between new tiles and brick wall.

    I am not sure if this middle layer should be tile backer board, Ditra membrane or Mapie wp200.

    I am not planning to do the whole wall of the bathroom. I intend to do whole wall for just the shower section and half wall on the basin side. My hesitation to go with title backer is that it will project the wall by 10mm then adhesive and tile on top of it. I am not sure if that look will nice.

    Basically I want do a decent prep work before laying the tiles and make sure it is waterproofed and surface is flat for tiling.

    Here is a pic for ref.

    Any advice would be very much appreciated. TIA

    Last edited: 6 May 2021
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