Private Number Plates


Too posh to learn in a Suzuki
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Couldn't tak pics as I was on the bike but today I saw a van with E3 BOW on it. (E3 is the postcode for Bow in East London)

I also saw an AMG Merc with M12 FGM made to look like MR FGM. I hope that was his initials and not his 'profession'!
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Agreed. We're grown-ups on this site. Why post the pic if it's illegible?
I believe the pertinent point from the beginning, was that the driving instructors car was a Range Rover - after all, should we expect the sprogs of the elite to learn to drive in something as common as a Fiesta! ;)
I saw W111 FCY on a Range Rover Snort today. All the letters were squished together with a couple of bolts in the centre of the 'C' to make it look like WIIIFEY. Pathetic.
Just taken the dogs out for an evening dog walk. Saw our old paper girls KA. No mis-spaced letters and her name is…Niamh Dennis (she's Irish and it’s pronounced Neeve). She's had it a good few years now.

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