A good few years ago I ran a medium sized retail unit and we had several bins to get rid of our rubbish, the two biggest were emptied once a week in the small hours and we would find a collection note under our door when we opened for business. One bin was for plastic and one for cardboard for recycling.
On this one particular day the truck was late due to a mechanical problem and I watched as both bins were emptied into the back mixing the cardboard and plastic together. :eek: I asked the driver why he wasn't seperating the two items and he said it all goes for landfill as there is a surplus of cardboard :eek: It had been happening like that for months apparently.
So you ask yourself what is the point.

I have a small apartment in Spain and the rubbish there is collected daily and for a fraction of the cost that we pay here in the UK.
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I just think that sometimes we forget that the air above us is the same air above America and India and China, and moreso that the big companies and governments can do a billion times more to solve this problem than i can..
Spot on ... Which is why I won't waste any of my precious life on such trivial nonsense.

Burn a hole in the ozone layer and let some more sunshine through ... We may get a summer this year then ;)


Recycling is often a last resort where something has gone wrong - eg over packaging. It should be done, but I agree its not going to solve all the problems.

However, I have to disagree that we can't do anything.
We are the ones buying a lot of the tat made in China. Every time we buy some disposable/cheap item from Tesco WE'RE causing the problem not China because it happens to be made there. It's especially bad at Christmas.
People on this board are probably in the minority and doing the right thing and buying a hammer (for example) thats going to last their lifetime rather than ending up buying 10 Tesco "value" hammers.
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