Replace & relocate existing pull cord switch in bathroom

Looking at my post #16
If i am to fit a grid option where i can fit a on/off switch for the light & a on/off with neon switch for the fan,can i not just join the certain cable not needed in the existing neon light pull cord and the wires left over extend & connect to my new switch ?
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That looks like a double pole switch with a neon to me.
You can get similar wall switches. You'll need a DP with a neon plus a regular light switch.
You will struggle to find one like that, so you may need to look at a Grid Switch and make up the combination that you need.

So would you say this is what i require to complete this job.
I understand i need the other items but was asking about the switches etc.
I thought that the wires for that neon currently in use were extra etc but obviously not.

Basically the links i supplied above can be used to install the new required switches & extend the wiring from where its currently situated to where i need the new switches.
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That would make it easier. He probably needs to ask permission before makingh a decision though;)
It was mentioned that I could use a SP switch and you said that would make it easier. I understand this would mean a switch without a neon but can you sketch how I would join the wires etc in the existing fan pull cord and where I would need to connect the wires that are to then go to the new SP switch.

Thanks very much as it seems a lot easier.
Here is the wiring in the fan switch as requested.

Can't make out the wire or wires going to the white connector block, can you send a clearer picture?
I will do this tomorrow.
I think he cut it off then realised he did wrong and added a small length of brown.
Here is a different angle of the wires for the fan.
Looks like he cut the brown wire short and then just added a block connector.

CBA to do a drawing.
You need to join the two neutrals (Blues) together in the new junction box
Join the two earth conductors together
That will leave you with two browns. These, you extend to the new fan switch - together with an earth connection.
So you will need a 4-way junction box and a length of 2 core and earth cable.
Thanks for that,so like below then.
I will be putting the extended wire down between plasterboard.
From where it currently is to where it needs to go it only 1metre.
Can i just pass the wire down or do i need to put it into some kind of trunking / plastic conduit etc.
The plaster board will be cut out to allow the back box to be inserted.
Am i still required to also extend the earth wire as its all plastic.

Many thanks for you time with advising me on this,been a great help.

Cable does not need to go in conduit/capping.
Plastic or not, the earth MUST be part of the extended cable to provide a cpc.
In any case, you’ll be using cable with an earth conductor
Thats that sorted then.
I will do this next weekend.

Many thanks for your time with this.

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