Replacing inspection cover with rodding eye

11 Apr 2006
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United Kingdom

I have a couple of cast iron inspection chambers at the front of my house. Each is at a point where the drain run turns 90 degrees.

The one circled in blue is clashing with my foundation. Can I replace it with two 45 degree bends and a rodding eye (so the second 45 degree bend would actually be a Y branch with a rodding eye)


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Hi Garyo, from the diagram your drainage system looks like it runs out towards the back of the property? If so is your system combined which means it takes the waste and rainwater together or does it run separate. Also does your property take any neighbours waste?
Correct ... It runs out the back. This run in particular only serves a single downstairs loo., and then runs down to another IC on the rear patio where its joined by the waste from the rest of the house.

The waste is independent of the neighbours, and it's a combined system going into public sewers.
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Why two 45s? I can see the idea to smooth the flow but with a normal swept tee you wouldn't have any non roddable sections. With the 45s you may have an unroddable section unless it's very short.
I'm not a drain engineer though.
If the 45 section is longer you can always squeeze in a second rodding eye for completeness!
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Then proceed with your plan. Water companies get really upset if the drain falls into something called section 24 , which is the sewerage law of GB. But you are classed as private so the drainage system belongs to you. Hope this helps.
Thanks chaps. Yes the reason for the two 45's is to be kind to the traffic turning the corner, but I take your point that that would create an unroddable 1m section. I'll switch to a 90.
One idea for the chamber you are building over is to sound proof it . Nothing more annoying sat in your new extension having a brew when somebody flushes the loo and you can here it underneath your floor!
One idea for the chamber you are building over is to sound proof it . Nothing more annoying sat in your new extension having a brew when somebody flushes the loo and you can here it underneath your floor!

Is just a garage so I'm not too bothered, but it would definitely have to be double sealed if it was going to stay.
Why not build a new chamber outside of the building footprint and away from the new step.

Just trying to avoid unnecessary work in a concrete drive really, hence the idea of having the rod point rather than the IC. I presume your suggestion would also mean rerouting the drain run from the first IC to the new location for the second? In your scenario why did you opt for the IC?
I take it the only reason your after another access point is just in case you have a blockage and for peace of mind.Believe me with the two other ic at the head and tail of the drainage run you have more than enough access to cope with any blockage in the whole of that run. I don’t honestly think it needs the extra cost.
The one thing I can guarantee the BCO, won’t stick his head down a manhole and sample the sweet smell of the previous nights takeaway . Joking apart rodding eye will certainly tick all his and your boxes. Good luck.
Hi Garyo, sorry to bother you. But a number of years ago we had to replace an inspection lid that had split because the house owner kept driving over it. We ended up using the lid as a template and fit a rodding eye into a frame, this was then put back into chamber and concreted over leaving a flush rodding eye to the floor line. Looked mint and helped the house holder. That could be an easier option for you. Hope this helps.

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