Salus RT520TX thermostat

2 Oct 2021
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United Kingdom

Our 3yo Salus RT520TX thermostat has decided to give up overnight. The previously paired receiver seems to be fine as I can switch it to manual and the boiler kicks in so we have hot water and heat. The thermostat itself is mainly stuck on either the SCHEDULE setting or shows that it is running programme 6 despite us not setting any programmes when it was working. On the rare moments when it unseizes I have tried to re-pair it with the receiver but no luck, and it's now making a faint whine constantly.

I have searched previous threads and tried the following without success:
Changed batteries in RT520TX
Turned off/on receiver then re-pair
Turned off/on receiver, then factory reset RT520TX, then re-pair
Factory reset RT520TX, then turned off/on receiver, then re-pair
When RT520TX was responsive I put it down to 5c for a minute, then back up to 30c for a minute, flame icon came on but no green light on receiver
Told it in the strongest possible terms that I am disappointed in its recent behaviour

Does anyone have any other thoughts/suggestions as to a possible fix, or is contacting Salus for a replacement the only option? If a replacement is sent, can a DIY illiterate replace it successfully or should a boiler/plumber/gas engineer be consulted?

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Salus are known as not so good controls to many, so recommend a replacement by another brand. You can change this yourself guided by us if you need it.
or is contacting Salus for a replacement the only option?
Why would Salus send you a replacement ? it is 3 years old, that is more than 3 times longer than they usually last, get something decent and not another Salus
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Abyajwh, seems like I got the exact same issue as you, what did you do in the end?

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