1. Cragglejacks

    Salus st620RF flickering on/off when switched on

    Hi! I have a Salus ST620RF Thermostat which is used as an on/off switch for a water pump for our radiator water loop when the water is being heated. Normal behaviour is that we use it as a manual switch (Manual Setting) and manually flick it between on and off as we need the radiators running...
  2. F

    Heating not working as it should

    Hi, we have our heating split across 2 levels - we can control the heating for each floor. On the Horstmann panel in the middle, there are 3 settings - heating upstairs, heating downstairs and water. I leave the heating settings on all the time, but the water is on a timer. My understanding...
  3. M

    SALUS Model ST620RF not working, light stuck on a dim red

    I have an issue with my Salus thermostat (model ST620RF). All of the sudden, the lights on the receiver have gone blue and red (dimmed) and the heating and hot water stopped working. The thermostat has new batteries and is working fine as well. I have tried multiple times to re pair it and reset...
  4. Hheer

    Salus to Drayton Wiser

    Hi, I have just bought a Drayton Wiser kit 1. I have a Salus and trying to replace with the Drayton Wiser. Please could you help me switch the two over?
  5. S

    Help installing and moving Wireless Thermostat

    Hi all, Looking for some help please. I'm fairly capable but started confusing myself a little! System boiler in kitchen with wall mounted programmable controller for HW & CH, water tank upstairs in cupboard. I have a Salus 510RF wireless thermostat, which I am looking to mount on middle floor...
  6. L

    Boiler issues. Pls Help

    Basically, My Gas turned off duebto the meter running out. I go out, put gas on the card, Put it on my meter and come back in to see this. I won't lie, I have turned the Salus box this on and off and tried to see if that fix it. It did not. Any help. Oh, And I really have no idea about this...
  7. S

    Heating works but no hot water: any suggestions?

    Hi all, We have an old-ish open vented system from the late 1990s. The hot water has stopped working but not the central heating. Tracing the hot pipes, I notice that after the 3-way-valve the pipe into the cylinder gets notably cooler. It is reasonably hot just past they motorised valve but...
  8. F

    Flashing red and purple lights on Salus RT505tx receiver

    Hi, Hoping someone can help me as I've pored over various threads and can't find a solution. I've recently moved into a house which has Ideal combi hooked up to Salus RT505tx receiver. HW and radiators have worked fine since yesterday, when the receiver, which was formerly lit with blue and...
  9. Irony

    Salus wireless controls

    Help I have a Worcester boiler with a salus st620? that won't pair even tho I've gone through all the reset options I could find. Question is can I buy any salus wireless controler. Or does it have to be like for like and would it work? Any recommendations! Another Q could I switch to another...
  10. A

    Salus RT500bc not sending signal please help we are cold

    Suddenly the thermostat has stopped sending signal to put the heating on. I’ve tried changing the batteries.. The red light is flashing on the receiver and on auto. I’ve tried turning everything on and off again . Its not kicking in when I turn the temperature up on the thermostat the flame...
  11. S

    Salus wireless receiver problems

    Hi there - wondering if anyone can help... I've got a Salus wireless thermostat (ST620RF) which isn't working. The boiler is fine (at least, it's producing hot water). When the thermostat calls for heat, the two LEDs on the receiver flick on and off (red and blue) in alternation, and there's a...
  12. A

    Salus RT520TX thermostat

    Afternoon, Our 3yo Salus RT520TX thermostat has decided to give up overnight. The previously paired receiver seems to be fine as I can switch it to manual and the boiler kicks in so we have hot water and heat. The thermostat itself is mainly stuck on either the SCHEDULE setting or shows that it...
  13. D

    Solved - No Central Heating But Hot Water

    Hi, looking for some help/advice regarding my mums boiler. She has a Baxi Platinum 28 HE Boiler which is approx 5 years old with a hand held receiver(?) Salus RT305TX and a Salus RXRT505 which is wired up to the boiler and mounted on the wall to the side. Central heating hasn't been on the...
  14. S

    Salus iT500RX Receiver problem

    Anyone kmow anything about Salus iT500RX Receivers? My one is showing no power anymore and yet nothing has tripped on the board, which means it's not currently talking to my megaflow boiler. Any pointers? As probably guessed, I'm neither an electrician or plumber, lol! Cheers in advance
  15. J

    WB Greenstar Heatslave II - CH flowing when no demand.

    Hello, I have a question about my WB Greenstar Heatslave external oil boiler which seems to be heating the Central Heating system when not being called for. I have almost no understanding of how these things work so it could be completely innocuous. I've noticed this only occasionally and for...
  16. P

    Salus RT520TX, brand new, not working!

    We continue to have problems with our Vaillant boiler which was installed last July; the company who installed it have still not managed to get our heating controls working. We had months with uncontrollable heating, and for the last few weeks have not been able to turn it off at all! Yesterday...
  17. C

    Tado Baxi duo tec + salus BC600RX

    The receiver installed in my boiler (Baxi Duo Tec HE A) is currently a Salus BC600RX. Please see attached a photo of said receiver (front and back) and the wiring of. Also attached are photos of how I’ve wired in the Tado wireless receiver as advised on the Tado website for a Baxi Duo Tex HE...
  18. KeyGreem

    salus t105rf to google nest wiring clarification (vaillant ecotec pro 28)

    Good afternoon everyone. I hoping someone could shed a little light on my current thermostat wiring. 20201116_163322 by KeyGreem posted 16 Nov 2020 at 4:50 PM20201116_161153 by KeyGreem posted 16 Nov 2020 at 4:50 PM As you can see from the first picture I have Live neutral earth coming from the...
  19. P

    Vaillant pressure and Salus control problems

    New Vaillant Ecotec pro 30 boiler installed in August, worked OK for two months then the pressure suddenly dropped. Tried to raise it but it shot right up and made a very loud constant noise that we could only stop by turning water completely off. So no heating or water at all for a few days...
  20. S

    Salus Timeguard not controlling boiler

    I've recently moved into a new flat. I have a Timeguard NTT04 (timer, not thermostat) plugged into the mains to control our Worcester Greenstar Compact boiler. I've plugged all the timings into the Timeguard and the green light comes on when it's supposed to start the heating but the boiler...