30 Jun 2008
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United Kingdom
Went to North Wales today to pick up a motor from a quarry. Sat Nav got me there no problem. Then had to call to a United Utilities site near Nantwhich to pick up a submersible pump. Puts in the postcode where I was at then the postcode of where I was going.

Flamin' Nora! Took me onto A class roads for a while then onto the A55 for one junction. Turn right as directed and proceeded to go on a bloody sight seeing tour of the hills and dales of north wales! Down 'B' class roads, along so-called 'A' class roads just wide enough to get a 3½ ton wagon down then onto single track 'dirt' roads, through an area of countryside sparsely populated by 'well-to-do' detached homes in their own grounds/land, past who knows how many people riding horses at different places, down another 'dirt road' where upon turning around a bend I came across 7 4x4 pick-up types of vehicles with some 'gentry-looking' types on the back all staring through binoculars with one or two holding shotguns. Get flagged down by one elderly 'gent' and asked what are you doing along here?
I'm trying to get to XXXXX site and this is the way the sat nav has directed me.
Well you shouldn't really be here today, we have a shoot on.
I just go where this dammed thing tells me.
Oh, ok then, carry on along here and you will come to Winsford Rd, turn right and carry on from there.
Thank you, says I, sorry to have disturbed you.
Gets to the road turns right , (sat nav said right anyway), and thought great, a decent road.
For all of about ½ mile! Turn left at the next junction, bumpity, bump, shake, rattle and nearly roll! Another dirt track!
Eventually get to the site and theres no one there. Rings the contact number only to be told, Oh, I've finished for the day. (At 2.30? :eek: )
Tells me where to pick the pump up from so goes round and loads it with the HIAB.
Comes out the site and think, stuff this, I'm not going back that bloody way.
Used instinct and turned left.
Lo and behold, a mile down the road and theres a sign for the M6 by going along the A500.
Beautiful dual carriageway virtually all the way! On the M6, off onto the M62, Off the M62 onto the M57 and straight run back to work.

Return journey 1½ hours.
Quarry to UU site 2¾ hours and a lot of bumps, knocks and swearing!
And from the quarry to the UU site was about half the mileage from UU back to Liverpool!
Technology? Shove it! :evil:
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Tom=Tom don't know what version but it was crap. probably made in Wales for the tourist board.
So you went the long way home then conny, you should of turned right, "A" roads for a good few miles but you would of been in liverpool quicker i would think
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If I'd turned right I would have either gone back the way I came or down past Leighton Hospital and Bentley Motors.
A500 seemed best after what I'd been through. :LOL:
i had this in Shropshire,i won a cross cut saw from ebay,and it sent me down a country lane which was a funnel,got to the end to be confronted by FJORD
turns out it was about 3'deep,
a couple of walkers helped me reverse about 2 miles back up the lane,turns out i was about 4 miles from my destination,
amazing it couldnt find the address at all,but can plot how to get you home :eek:
Tom=Tom don't know what version but it was crap. probably made in Wales for the tourist board.

had one tom tom cra,,p

NAVMAN even worse

i bought a medion when sat navs first came out and was great

so i am buying medion from now on
I had a TomTom too, it never took me the best route on roads I knew so I didn't trust it to give me the best route on roads I didn't know. It didn't last long either. It wouldn't turn off one day and it stayed on until the battery went flat. I charged it but it wouldn't turn on again. It's in the bin now.
I bought a Binatone half price in the Argos sale. It's just as good as the much dearer Tomtom was.
Just been looking on Googlemaps and from the quarry to the UU site it looped back up through Wrexham then round and back up to the east of Chester before dropping back down then going cross country down single track roads.
If I'd had access to this this morning I would have planned my own route, gone along the A51 looping below Wrexham and across towards Crewe then North for a short while getting me right to the site. All A class roads, much shorter and so much quicker.
Be putting my own road map in the cab next time I go out of town! :evil:
I have a Garmin Nuvi, it too has sent me on some strange routes, it stopped working correctly, just out of guarantee, it was having increasing difficulty acquiring satellite signals, till eventually it failed completely.
Phoned Garmin they would repair / replace for £60, sent it away, got it back within four days.
It's ok now but I can't help wondering if it was programmed to fail :confused: :eek: :confused:

Next time take a moment to view the mapped route.
With the Garmin Nuvi 300 (3 y/o no probs), and I suspect, other SNs using touch screen technology, one can select a destination by 'touching' a map location... very useful - if you do not know the full address.

Note the buttons on the graphic below 'Back' 'Save' 'Go' - these only appear after 'touching a point' - arrowed center of the map.

Most SNs suffer from a lack of 'way points' or intermediate 'must pass through points' between start and end locations of a journey, the Nuvi only allows one.
Sometimes it can pay to set up a journey by parts.

Do the normal route - set by post code, coordinates (from google earth is good, - nb. use matching formats), touching map, road intersection - whatever, save the destination, view the mapped route, make some decisions to follow or modify. If the latter then build a new route by touching points then saving them as points, say a1, a2, a3 etc. then route to each in succession...
A bit like using a map really - but better.

BTW Practice is the best teacher.


You should have an option of choosing route, shortest time, shortest distance etc....Some you can specify which roads to use or avoid.
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