Scaff board floor - what nail?

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Thanks to all for your input. I have just ordered 3kg of 100mm cut clasp nails. £24 all in so pretty happy. I am sure it will be fine! Thanks guys.
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Hi all,

I am now having a BIG PROBLEM with the nails! They are going in to the boards nicely but are spiting the joists. Not sure it it is safe to continue as I don't want to weaken the whole floor.

Should I pilot hole? I already tried with a 3mm bit and it still split. Perhaps I should abandon and switch to screwing and plugging/filling??

In the below image you can see the nail compared to the board and the drill bit. The red line marks where the bit ends

you shouldnt have to pilot
what diamiter is the shaft ??
my thoughts
first try blunting the point on the nail with a hammer then if that doesnt work
a half the shaft size and depth in the wood pilot hole
The nail is already blunt! See the image...

The nail is tapered so not sure where I would measure it from
yes sorry missed the cut clap bit lol
what way are you inserting them??
is the nail along the grain or across ??
No worries! Along the grain of the floor board (which means across the grain of the splitting joist)
I could use a longer drill bit but if I go over 3mm, the pilot will be wider than the flat side of the nail...
are all the split nails in the same bit off wood
is it quality or cheap carcassing 5x2"??
It seems to be happening all along all the joists so far.

It should be good quality 5x2. From a reputable independent trade place.
how was the timber described as theres many a quality from very good to very bad

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