1. B

    Advice/Help please -Hanging External Hardwood Gate? Hinges? Fixings?? Pics.

    Hi all I have a Hardwood gate I would like to hang in the pictured opening. It has been sat in my garage for 2 years and since then vals have appeared in it but it’s still rock solid (plus extremely heavy!). It already had x2 cut outs for 100mm hinges (Toolstation Heavy ones)and I have...
  2. A

    Nails or screws for garden gate

    What kind of fixing would you recommend for a ledge and brace tongue and groove gardens gate. Would you use screws or nails? what type of screws or nails would you recommend? For 20mm thick boards and 32mm thick batten what length and diameter fixing would be right. 3 x 50mm nails or 4 x 40mm...
  3. T

    Level step riser

    I need to make a step flush in my new extension as shown in the attached dodgy sketch. The recess is about 40mm deep, 700mm wide and the step about 150mm high (I need to measure). I plan to use c24 timber to make it level but my question is what to fix it with? Engineered flooring is going on...
  4. G

    How to fix Aerial Mast brackets to a tiled wall?

    Hi. I need to mount a TV Aerial to the gable end of my Chalet Bungalow. It has particularly unattractive concrete tiles in this portion of the wall (see attached pic) What is my best bet for mounting brackets to the tiles? I'll be using the big T brackets to spread the load rather than the...
  5. R

    Corner Utility Room Shelf - Battens or Brackets?

    Hi, I'm planning on installing 24mm thick X 800mm long X 300mm deep shelves in my utility room ( and have some questions about fixing. The long and short wall for the left shelves (1) are newly installed plasterboard...
  6. P

    Radiator on studs on top of bricks

    I need to hang a radiator (160cm wide, 50cm high, total weight around 35kg) via two brackets to a plasterboard wall. The wall is external, so that it has studs (about 12mm deep and 50mm wide) behind the plasterboard and then bricks behind the studs. I am lucky enough to have studs in...
  7. J

    How best to attach this light fitting to the ceiling?

    I bought this light fitting second hand and it didn't come with any fixings. As you can see from the photos, the screw holes are not on the sides of the ceiling mount unit so buying the usual metal bracket for this wouldn't work. Should I screw the fitting directly into the ceiling using Rawl...
  8. R

    Can anyone identify this fixing?

    Ordered a roof rack for my car and it only came with 3/4 of these fixings. Any ideas what they're called so I can order one? Many thanks
  9. C

    Elements board to thermalite block

    Morning all, I’m about to board out my extension/ bathroom with elements / jackoboard. The method suggest using a adhesive along with a mechanical fixing with washers. However my concern is thermalite blocks just crumble/ compress with anything hammered in. What suggestions are out there please?
  10. D

    What bolts/screws for hanging a column rad

    Hi All, Just been going round in circles with Screwfix. We bought a column radiator from them, but it didn't come with the screws and wall plugs. They are telling me they can't advise on what size the bolts/screws should be because of insurance and we need to consult an expert (slightly...
  11. wilco88

    Glue and nail floorboards or just nail? Or screw?

    Hi, I have lifted the 1930's pine floorboards from my house. I plan to insulate underneath them and then re-lay and sand. Should I: 1. Glue and nail them down 2. Just nail them down 3. Screw and glue 4. Just screw Worried about squeeky floor boards. Any advice would be great. Thanks.
  12. A

    Hanging a heavy mirror on block backed plasterboard

    I bought some self drilling screws such as these today to provide two screws to hang a fairly heavy mirror onto a plasterboard wall (roughly 10mm thick). I have used this approach previously for a heavy bathroom cabinet into plasterboard with good results. This time I started to turn the self...
  13. L

    Metal fixings in mortar between bricks

    Hi, I'm currently changing an old post and the fixings that were on the wood are in between the bricks and I'm struggling to get them out. I've knocked them to the sides and they move when hit but don't seem to be loosening. Ive picked away at the mortar either side and still no luck. Any...
  14. G

    Fixings for kitchen wall cabinets

    Hi all, Sorry if this is in the wrong forum section - let me know if I should post elsewhere! Currently fitting a new IKEA kitchen, they come with the metal rails, which you fix to the wall and "hang" the cabinets onto...
  15. D

    32/1000 box profile steel sheet – fixing to ridges instead of valleys

    Your thoughts please Provided suitable packing and longer fixings are used, will fixings on the ridges of box profile sheet (instead of the recommended valleys) cause problems ? Reason for asking – I want a detached garage roof slope to be less than the recommended minimum for box profile...
  16. P

    What kind of screw for rawlplug uno?

    I have this kind of anchors (plugs): rawlplug uno The sizes of screw it accepts are clear; however, there is a lot more to screws besides sizes. Despite googling hard, I couldn't understand what type of screws they should go with: wood...
  17. G

    Fixing towel rail to dot and dabbed, tiled wall.

    Evening, I've got a dot and dabbed wall (12.5mm plaster) which has been tiled (200x100 metro's). I need to fix a towel rail (1350x450) to the wall. Worried about weight tbh, how should I go about it? Cheers.
  18. C

    Advice please on bracing timber joists

    Hi there. I am building a treehouse. It will be fixed to two joists that will sit either side of a tree. I plan to tighten the two joists toward each other, either side of the tree, but am unsure what bolts / fixings are best to use. The tree is at least 450mm / 18 inches wide, then each joist...
  19. C

    Securing a 9ft kids slide in the garden

    Hi, We recently bought a 9ft kids slide from a well known catalogue/store retailer to be used in our garden. The instructions advise to dig two 35 x 35cm holes, fill them with concrete and fix the slide to them with plugs and screws. An alternative slide which was 10ft from another well known...
  20. A

    Fixing toilet cistern to wall

    Hi, I need to re screw the toilet cistern to a wall. However the holes are too big now and the plaster around them isn't great. How do I re screw the cistern back? The other problem is screwing in the cold water pipe back to the bottem entry float valve. I can't seem to re-align cistern...