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Scoring bottom of door to prevent chipping?

Discussion in 'Wood / Woodwork / Carpentry' started by Keitai, 5 Jan 2021.

  1. JobAndKnock


    30 Sep 2011
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    United Kingdom
    Please re-read my original post! I thought that I clearly stated that you need to skew the block plane by 10° rather than running it straight across the door as illustrated in your photos, or maybe not. If you try running a block plane across the bottom of a vertical laid veneered door (I.e. a door where the veneer runs from top to bottom of the door, as opposed to side to side) you always run the risk of chipping out the veneer across the edge and especially where the plane gets to the end if the cut.

    If cutting a door the blade of a circular saw obviously needs to remain perpendicular to the face of the door at all times. If you use the curcular saw scoring method and make the first 1mm deep backwards cut the you will automatically have the position of your knife scoring cut marked on the edge of the door. Obviously you only need to score the exit edge of the door (i.e. the edge where the saw blade exits the cut) because you won't get chipping out on the entry side of the cut. The knife mark must (obviously) align to the side of the saw kerf where the "good" door is, not on the waste side of the cut
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