22 Nov 2003
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United Kingdom
Anyone had any problems with Screwfix lately?

I placed an order online yesterday morning at about 9:00am so that it would arrive today, as they say anything placed after 4:00pm may not make delivery. Sat in all day waiting for the order, no delivery. I have just rung screwfix to be told by the cust service rep that my order was despatched this morning. When i queried this he told me they didn't receive the order until 7:34pm. He then told may that some of the items weren't in stock and would be delievred in a few days time. All this after i received an email confirmation at 11:34am yesterday stating that everything was in stock and would ship that day.

So I now have to spend another day waiting and then have to make an extra trip to parcel force next week to pick up the back order and can't get on with the jobs this weekend as I haven't got the parts. Oh well at least the sun will be shining this weekend

What a bunch of w*****s :!:
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According to their own customer forum, these problems are rife at the moment.

Apparently they are putting new computer procedures in place or some such excuse.

If it ain't broke springs to mind.
I've just had an order delivered with a few mistakes on it and it didn't get here the next day either. There was no problem sending the stuff that was missing and arranging collection of what I didn't order.
They are having a few problems at the moment but I still think it's a good service. Perhaps like me you have been using them for a few years and remember when they didn't make mistakes.
The prices are ok for most things.
on the contary, i telephoned my order on monday, it arrived tuesday just after lunch :D

don't use screwfix often, but i always phone
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I've had a couple of orders where items have been missing, but generally I think for a lot of stuff they're good.
i think its a regional thing

i live near gatwick my brother lives not far away
and between us we order every week
the average order wrong or delayed
is only about two over 52 weeks

and of course how many people write and compain
that there order was on time and correct :D :D :D

big all
I placed an order last Tuesday night, and in the notes put "Please deliver early on Friday morning." The delivery driver on Friday morning said "Very daft, you wrote that on the label, but I still had to try on Thursday as that was the service they paid for!"... anyway, not so much a problem.

I did find that the blue insulation tape I ordered was substituted for a pack of masonry drill bits... didn't quite figure that one out. But I only ordered the tape on a whim, got one of every colour thinking "only 50p". I would have been happy if it wasn't for the fact that I ordered a lot of drill bits too so had no need of the masonry bits!!! :LOL:
I have "sacked" Screwfix as a supplier.

I ordered early on Fri morn and asked for Sat delivery. Sorry, can't have it.

Why not?

Wagon full.


No really.

Let me speak to supervisor.

Why can't I have Sat delivery?

Computers down....

So I had two different reasons as to why Sat Delivery was off the menu.

I asked there and then to be deleted, faxed the MD a letter of complaint.

Result? I got some post recently from s/f. It was not the letter from the MD but a replacement catalogue........


And they make a big thing about supplying lots of trades and commercial concerns. But in order to do that they need a reliable service, which they just ain't got.
I've calmed down a little now.

I usually order from Screwfix quite a bit and the service has been good, but the last two have had mistake on. OK mistakes occasionally happen, but its the attitude of the cs dept. "oh well all we can do is apologise", especially when you have done your best to place the order in plenty of time and said items are declared as in stock.

It's the customer who has been greatly inconvenienced, projects delayed, wife nagging because you haven't finished the job, numerous trips to parcel force to collect packages etc.

They sell them selves as 'next day delivery' for ex stock and as such should meet this claim. If they don't how about some form of recompense, like a refund of the p&p or some vouchers. After all nothing is more important than the after sales service and lack of this will make people walk.
I once had problems with an internet computer parts retailer. I won't name names, but I will say I believe it to be the largest such company in the UK.

I ordered a few things in plenty of time to arrive on Friday so I would have them for the weekend. To be on the safe side I paid extra for next day delivery (was pretty expensive considering the weight of the package!).

Despite being "in stock", the next day comes, no package. Day after, no package. By this time I was annoyed so I e-mailed them and said "Have you sent the package? I was told the items are in stock, and I paid for next day delivery, on Monday morning." No reply. Friday came, and went.

In all my "next day delivery" took two weeks. In that time I e-mailed them progressively snottier e-mails demanding the delivery costs be refunded, no response. Tried phoning them "We only deal with large business orders over the phone".

So despite having spent literally thousands there over the previous few years, they offer me no loyalty or service in return. So I have taken my miniscule unworthy domestic business elsewhere... Ha, their loss. And I won't be recommending them to friends. Quite the opposite in fact. And many of my friends are also geeks. They have lost thousands over the next few years for the sake of 4 or 5 quid.
Never mind a nagging from the missus - I lost a job altogether when ordered parts never turned up, and the deadline was continually extended.

In the end I forced the supplier to pay compensation amounting to the labour costs of the (large) job in question, along with a phone call to the commercial client to apologise.

I still lost him, though. Never had any work from him since.
securespark said:
In the end I forced the supplier to pay compensation amounting to the labour costs of the (large) job in question,

Blimey, they must have wanted to keep your custom! I am surprised they paid up, if I was a supplier I would say "Sh*t happens, I didn't promise anything, you could have gone elsewhere etc. etc.".
Yes they did value my custom.

The thing was, instead of saying Don't know when they'll be here, you'll be better off ordering from elsewhere, they kept fobbing me off with oh, next week, monday etc etc......
securespark said:
The thing was, instead of saying Don't know when they'll be here, you'll be better off ordering from elsewhere, they kept fobbing me off with oh, next week, monday etc etc......

You've hit the nail on the head here Secure, it's the false and shallow claims of 'yes, no problem' Which drive me to distraction.

I have more respect for companies that are honest and tell you straight, even if it isn't the answer you want to hear!

The Screwfix problem wouldn't have anything to do with relocation and streamlining would it??? It would be a shame if they allow standards to slip... Another victim of their own success? :cry:
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