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And how do you know he was qualified? Did you ask to see his certificates? NO. In 18yrs I've never been asked for them once. So who did the best wiring in your house, if the worse was done by this so called qualified professional? Maybe you? After seeking advice or a wiring diagram on here.
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How am I being *****? For raising real and valid points. It's ***** like you that think they know it all who cause most of these problems in the first place. Answer the point I've raised about encouraging people to partake in work only allowed to be carried out by a competent person instead of reverting to name calling.
By being on a one-man crusade against people seeking knowledge, diligent enough to ask questions before undertaking work, based upon a default assumption that anyone unqualified is incapable of doing a competent job.
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FFS you're encouraging people to break the law! Justify that, rather than coming out with some poor attempt at philosophy.
How are they breaking the law? The building regulations do not state that DIY electrical work is illegal in the bathroom.
Work carried out in a bathroom is notifiable under part P. Doesnt say with the exemption of DIY.
Being very pedantic about apprenticeships. But surely you can see that a recognised training method, which includes city & guilds exams (which have been taken by apprentices since the 1800's) is better than non.

Training can be forgotten. often is forgotten when trying to get the work finished as quickly as possible.

And if the knowledge of some of the modern "qualifed" "electricians" is anything to go by the training is inadequate fro anything other than installing cable and components.

If I take my sons temp does that make me a nurse?

No. and being a nurse does not mean you can do all the work that is done by nurses. A cancer care nurse would be hard pressed to work in triage at a multiple casualty incident where triage decides who gets the limited resources avialable at the accident scene.

Like wise it seems being an electrician means some can install cables and some can fault find other "electrician's" work.

Highlight and give comment to the issues I've raised around encouraging people to carry out illegal work that is notifiable under part p.

DIY work is NOT illegal. Building regulations require that some areas are notified to them to be in line with building regulations. As one building control officer told me the legallity comes in when someone suffers harm from work. And being a qualified electrician does NOT mean the work will be free of hazards thay might leave the electrician open to legal actions.

Why not put on here how to install gas installations?

A explosion of leaking gas can kill people a 100 yards away and render several buildings so dangerous they need to be demolished.

A bodged electrical installation seldom kills more than one person before it is discovered and rectified.
Electricity kills. Does it have to be 100's to matter. Is one or two deaths satisfacory? You've obviously no idea what a 4 year electrical training course involves, so your comment on training means nothing to me.
Electricity kills.

So can food poisoning caused by the incorrect preparation of some foods. Does that mean that you don't think anyone should be allowed to cook for himself or his family unless he's received some sort of official qualification as a chef? And may we also assume that you either have such a qualification, or that you employ somebody with such a qualification to prepare all your meals for you?
T1T. If building regs down apply to DIY, then why did I need them when I built my extension? Surely if what you are saying is true, then I'd only need planning permission.
T1T. If building regs down apply to DIY, then why did I need them when I built my extension? Surely if what you are saying is true, then I'd only need planning permission.

Where has anybody said that building regulations don't apply to DIY work?

What has been stated - quite correctly - is that carrying out DIY work on your own house is not illegal. Certain aspects of it are subject to the legal requirement of notification, but there is no law which says that a person may not carry out any work he pleases on his own house. Nor should there ever be such a law in a free country.
Is one or two deaths satisfacory?

It would still be several orders of magnitude less than the number killed on uk roads per year...

Statsitically speaking, electricical installations are very safe... even very bad ones, I'm not saying that it shouldn't be done properly, but rather a DIY enthusist is more likely to cause a tradgey by getting the brakes on their car wrong, than getting wiring wrong... and those arn't even notfiable. ;)

So perhaps we should guide people, and advise them when they are out of their depth, but not try and pass it off as rocket science because we want a closed shop to protect other interests (and is that what you *really* want?)

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