Suggestion / Discussion: Combustion Chamber user tag ++ ?

It is not something we plan to add. If people want to post things like that in their profile then they can, but adding a logo or similar below their username or in the signature is not something that we'll be adding. The amount of work that would be needed to 'police' such a scheme and the problems of expiring / renewed memberships would not make it feasible. :cry:
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I could add another field to the profiles eg. trade, but this is already covered by occupation really :?:
my 2p worth.

novelk idea about corgi sign, but unless you know what it stands for its pointless.

ok, so you have your corgi logo

what about the builers logo, the non corgi logo, the electrciains logo, the chippy logo, the i cant join anything else so i joined this logo

see my point?

Other thing is i can always stick a corgi logo on if i wanted, but it is obvious to anyone who is reading a post if theyare being told BS or B.S

on another point, google for a few forums, have a look at what they have, some have logos for this, avitars, and moving picture for a signature, it looks (insert word of your choice here)
From a personnel view I can tell the difference between an expert or wannabee.

Its really not difficult to tell if a guy/gals knows what they are talking about.

But all that is sidestepping the argument.

The components of an gas appliance is what makes it safe or not.

Banning gas and not the bit that burns it is foolhardy, pointless and stupid.

As an DIY forum we can help keep posters safe by pointing them in the right direction including advice to get an RGI.

Pretending the most active subject on any forum doesn't exist and they will go elsewhere.

Any Tom, Dick or Harry can go to B&Q and buy an flueless fire, are we to just let them get on with it, when they ask questions.
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Any Tom, Dick or Harry can go to B&Q and buy an flueless fire, are we to just let them get on with it, when they ask questions.

Thats a very good analogy.

For those who dont know a CORGI registered person fitted one of those and killed a 14 y.o. girl and her 4 y.o. dog.

But there were some other aspects which were relevant:-

The fitter was NOT registered to fit fires!

He did not check the burner pressure as ALL installers are required to do under gas Safety laws!

The burner pressure was set far too high at the factory!!

The burner presure setting screw was sealed with varnish which in industrial terminology implies a factory setting which should NOT be tampered with.

The design of the fire allowed a setting range which could become dangerously high!!!

The obvious advice to any DIYer is that those fires can ( and have ) killed and should only be fitted by a competent CORGI registered person.

In my view anyone, whether registered or not, should NOT be giving any DIY advice on fitting any of those appliances.

Only a very few registered people will even consider fitting them now!

The difference between gas work (which can be dangerous) and say getting fat (which can be dangerous) is that it's ILLEGAL for non gas-competent people to do gas work. Any fool can get fat. :oops:
If the forum gave advice on getting round the law on any other subject, I daresay that would get a horde of officious mods descending on it.

To the OP -

"Competence" is very difficult, apart from the lack of any legal meaning. I remember a thread where a guy said he was a competent person, because he was a carpenter. I daresay he was an intelligent practical chap, but that isn't enough.

Some of what would be defined ( under the law) as "gas work" entails hardly any risk at all, so it seems silly not to tell someone. OTOH, a lot of things like removing a boiler case, can SEEM pretty innocent but actually be really dangerous on some boilers. It's very hard to say what's reasonable.
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