Texecom Connect Smartcom problem

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Taken from Texecom forum links provided earlier in this thread.

The serial number is input to the panel only during manufacturing.

There was a batch of older panels before the SmartCom was released that did not have a serial number in.

This has now been modified to be checked during the testing phase.

I can put a serial number in for you, but will require a TeamViewer session as the software is proprietary to Texecom to do so.
It’s strange as it’s worked previously. I just had to reset everything as wintex had a paddy
no idea, that's Texecom's official advice.

normally when you connect to the panel it reads the serial number as part of the connection process, you see it bottom left normally as its connecting.

Don't ever recall having the issue to be fair.
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I spoke to Texecom, they've suggested I take it back and get a replacement which is going to be a pain as i'll likely need to set it all up again.
whom did you speak to?

I would go on there forum and follow the links posted and tell them you phoned in and got told to replace it yet it could be resolved with the suggestion on here and surely that would make more sense.
Thanks for your help. All sorted, did a session over team viewer.

Next job is to wire in the bell box so it’s always lit. Can this be done by jumping off a porch light?
So you managed to get hold of someone and that could do what the other was supposed to have done.....good glad that's sorted.

what do you need illuminating exactly, he odyssey X with back light is permanently illuminated?
Hi All,

Newbie here, experiencing similar issues to those solved above. After some building works which included powering off the texecom for a couple of months and in the interim changing my network and ISP, my smartcom stopped working.

After a reset and some playing around with the Comm IP configuration, I was finally able to get the panel to confirm an activation code for the app, however I am now getting a timeout when trying to provision the app on my iOS device.

Similar to the user above, I have tried with the engineer code and the master code and generated multiple activation codes.

Any help would be massively appreciated.

One nuance the cloud light on my smartcom is still flashing which seems strange.
ideally you should start a new thread, the issue is different and the user had to get Texecom to perform a certain function wrt to SERIAL allegedly.

the server light flashing indicates you not connected to the server any other flashing lights?
Thanks - happy to start a new thread if easier?

The wifi is flashing, but I am connected via ethernet and am getting an IP; the fact I am getting issued an activation code makes me think I am connected when this was failing previously?
interesting bobby, very, very interesting...…..

log into engineering on the keypad, open the smart com case, unplug the lead that goes to the smart com and panel, replug it back in and it should sort itself out
has this worked for you had the very same issue very recently and asked Texecom via there forum about this one.

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