Texecom Veritas R8 issues

11 May 2022
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United Kingdom
Hi All

We have a Veritas R8 alarm system installed with RKP (CFC-0001 Hardware revision: 7 Firmware Version: 3.22) and there seems to be a problem upon first power up after removing the battery and the fuse to completely power down the unit (basically a factory reset)


The RKP is unresponsive. There is a solid red light on Zone 1 and whichever button you press it just does a single low tone beep and locks the entire panel out. The keypad lights are active (green illuminations from behind the rubber membranes)


The panel will beep 9 times in quick succession when the front cover is off. This indicates a tamper fault (as per the install manual) but the tamper light is not lit on the RKP

The panel will beep between 1 and 4 times randomly when the front cover is fitted. This indicates a zone fault (as per the install manual) and zone 1 is lit on the RKP. Zone 1 is a door contact and we have tried re-fitting the door contact and even touching both wires together to close / open the zone manually....no response

What does this mean and how could we fix this with an unresponsive RKP?

Thank you in advance
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Default - Address 1

DIP1 - N/A

There is only this one keypad also (if that helps!)

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Whats the wiring on the keypad, sounds like there is an issue with the T and R connections.

just swap them round at the panel end and see if the keypad responds.
The battery is showing 13.01V when disconnected and 13.46V when connected to the system

With just the mains powered we get the random 1-4 beeps as above

No difference with the T and R connections swapped around I'm afraid
random 1 -4 beeps suggests those zones are going active the keypad not respond at that point?
U tried linking out zone 1 in the panel to see if it clears then type in user code which may have defaulted when all zones are clear
I have unwired Zone 1 at the panel and used a bypass pin like this -


We still have the same 1-4 random beeps and zone 1 lit up on the keypad and its still locked out from any further input
The beeps and the keypad lights illuminated normally tally.

Zone 1 open illuminated 1 beep repeating
Zone 8 open illuminated 8 beeps repeating
Tamper active illuminated 9 beeps repeating
Power fault active illuminated(flashing unset light) 10 beeps repeating

as you dont appear to have correlation and the keypad isnt responding it could be the address of the keypad.
Switch dipswitchs so all are off and 2 is on, does the zone light follow the new keypad address?
Is it possible that the system has come straight into walk test mode upon power up?

The reason i say that is the beeps that are random between 1 and 5 now. I noticed this as i walked past the IR sensor on Zone 2 that it beeped 2 times. Then zone 5 (upstairs) and it beeped 5 times
Stupid question …..when you powered it up ….did you turn it off with your code ? As on power up the panel does bleep …

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