The launch of the DIYnot Network

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surely that's not right? I understood Mr. Agile always wears check shirts?
that pic looks like a younger and more hirsute Softus to me.

Are they related?
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Are they the SAME person ?? I am convinced that Softus has so many personalities that he is a psychiatrist's dream. :evil:
Anyone seriously contemplating the possibility of me being "Agile" has a rather more fundamental mental problem than I ever could.
Sorry to disappoint you, dear Softbrain; I have nothing whatsoever to do with Persimmon Construction (as previouslypointed out). :)


picture of a persimmon fruit, with leaves
In a Tesco's, etc, near you - more widely known as Sharon Fruit.
They are very nice..... ;)

Apologies, JohnD. As I said, you are not old misery guts.
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