The School Run

25 Apr 2016
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United Kingdom
This is a Rant!

The school run – do the rules of the road change for drivers on the skool run?

Depending on the day of the week I pass one of two primary schools. One school is outside of the village and on the class 'C' road has a double bend in it. The road is marked with yellow lines around the bend complete with signs indicating no parking during school opening and closing hours. Just abut every day the cars on the school run are parked on the yellow lines. The cars have a clear road only 50 yards away but of course the kiddies can't be forced to walk further than necessary – even if other car drivers have an accident.

The other school is on the brow of a hill at the edge of the village. So apart from from one woman who stops on the yellow 'School – No Parking' hatching every day the rest park on the hill, or in the village creating a nasty narrowing of the road. What is now prevalent is the drivers parking on the hill when leaving after dropping off or picking up their children are doing 3-point turns or otherwise turning around in what is already a narrowed roadway on a blind hill. As if that is not bad enough some even double park!

Finally today en-route to the local amenity tip, the access road to which has a round-a-bout outside a school entrance there was a driver, having picked up some children, going around the round-a-bout the wrong way – against the road markings! Myself, going the right way around the R-A-B but in front of the above car was looked at in such a manner as if to say I was in the wrong...

Just where do these drivers put their brains when doing the school run???
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And it's a well deserved one at that.

Unfortunately, it just proves my point that people are taught to pass their driving test, but not taught to drive.

Get a dash cam.
Not just school run.
Aldi car parks are inhabited by a particularly dim species of mouth-breathers, who often drive the wrong way around the car park, often on the rhs of the roadway, then have the neck to wave you on around them, so they can carry on their way....

Reminds me of the joke about the foreign driver who gets a call from his worried wife:

"Gian Franco ! Watch out on your way home! The news say that there is a madman driving the wrong way up the M4!"

"It's worse than that, Bella: there's hundreds of them!"
As a kid, I lived on a road that came out opposite a private girl's school. Parents were a nightmare, collecting their precious Cassandras and Felicitys.
Blocked the road up many a times and then, waling the dog I saw an ambulance couldn't get through. It was forced to go the long way around, winding through other streets to enter our street on another side, adding a good 4-5 mins to their response time with traffic. I mentioned it to the man who completely blocked the street when he came back, that he'd blocked an ambulance and I got a mouthful for it. That's when I knew money couldn't buy class.

What I don't get is why don't kids walk anymore? I never got a lift to school, all kids walked as far as I remember. And they say kids are getting fat....!
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Just where do these drivers put their brains when doing the school run???

They are not drivers, they are car users.... Their brains are in their mouths next to the hand held phone they are using to talk to the mum in the car next to them. ( the conversation having started when they were still at home )

Morons and unfortunately there are more on the road.
And they all have to get the biggest 4x4 or SUV they can afford on finance so they pretend they're better than everyone else.
You think that's bad. You wanna see the chavvy moms picking up their precious Beckhams, Callums, Tylers or Britneys, Chantelles, Mias. (y)
At the time, the parents of the Beckhams, Callums etc didn't drive their children to school.

You've not got a child called Cassandra or Felicity have you?
I occasionally drive an artic for a motorsports team and few days ago we took it out for a pre season test session when the absolute pinnacle of muppetry fukwittedness occurred.

We were overtaken on the motorway slip road 'cos we're slowly building up the speed & she then sat at the side of us in lane 1, totally blocking our entry onto the motorway with the slip road fast running out.

We gave her a short blast of the horn in protest, but as this only caused her to slightly 'wiggle' her vehicle in alarm we thought it better to run up the hard shoulder than to cause a pile up.

I wouldn't mind if kids weren't involved !
I used to live close to both Liverpool and Everton football grounds. One year the derby was taking place and you couldn't find a space anywhere. In the side street just a few houses away from where I lived fans and residents had double parked leaving just enough space to get a small car between if driven slowly. I was in my front garden with two of my grandchildren when a fire engine tried to turn into that street. They had to stop at the entrance and the firemen jumped out and started folding wing mirrors in on all the cars as the engine slowly edged forward. By now I had walked the youngsters to the corner to let them see the fire engine. Suddenly the driver blew his klaxon and they all rushed back and jumped in, the fire engine then proceeded to drive through knocking wing mirrors off, scraping and denting the sides etc of the cars. Apparently they got a report of persons trapped so threw caution to the wind. Cars can be repaired, peoples lives can't. Car owners were up in arms about it and demanding compensation but the courts ruled they were in the wrong for parking in such a manner. A lot of insurances refused to pay out for the same reasons though I heard a few residents did get paid because they could prove they lived there and were not at the match so would be parked there normally though not doubled..
Yes ,emergency vehicles can do that in an emergency and rightly so.
Im 53 male and drive at least a few hours each day.I find the whole driving experience unpleasant at many points most days down to poor driving of ppl.WHIZZ WHIZZ..Some drivers just want to go as fast as poss all the time and sod anyone else..
If you wish to stick to speed limits or god are looked upon by many as some sort of lunatic who needs to be removed from the road asap.
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