UK government breaks legal deadline to reveal state pension age increases

15 Nov 2005
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"The Government has broken a legal deadline to announce any changes to the state pension age, leaving millions of voters in the dark about their future pension pots.

Following a year-long independent review by John Cridland, former director-general of the Confederation of British Industry, and a second independent
report from the Government Actuary's Department, Theresa May’s government was expected to inform Parliament of its plans.

The Government was legally mandated to review the state pension age – currently 65 for men and women – by 7 May, as set out in the
2014 Pensions Act."

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Programme on radio 4 yesterday about the state of numeracy & literacy in Scottish schools well below average & getting worse

SNP bloke Sweeney said it was not acceptable

about time the SNP sorted out issues like this after all they are supposed to be running the place ??? to concerned about gaining independance & grovelling to the EU , cap in hand

They will probably weasle out of any responsibility & blame Westminster :) :idea:
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Really good to know as a Pensioner that the much lauded, fabled, "Triple Lock" is being upheld, OR?? ignored by this potential Conservative supremo?

The present on-going froth and bubbles about some sort of what was it A yes I recall a General Election, will allow the Present Government to slip in under the radar a plan to reduce the "Triple Lock" to a free for all for the Government to save Squillions of £££ in payment of pensions to the un-washed masses.

Good time for the release of seriously bad news ???
Re: Diane Abbot:

You're all being unfair to her.

She was looking at the wrong piece of paper - pulled out her expenses claim by mistake.
It's the independant; what sort of report would you expect.

Actually, I think this comes under the Purdah rules where the government aren't allowed to release major statments in the run up to the election.
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do you think the 2014 Pensions Act didn't give them enough warning?
They had the same issue with the Air pollution regulations. They kew the dealine for that. Gee wizz, so it get held up for a couple of months; what's all the fuss about.
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