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18 Feb 2007
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United Kingdom
Today I had the misfortune to visit a Range Store. I didn't buy anything, neither did I use my Samsung Galaxy phone whilst in the store. About two hours after that visit, I received a message in 'Notifications' asking me to rate the store for the benefit of other customers.
How can this outfit have the nerve to send me unsolicited messages even though I did not even open my phone when in the store. Somehow they managed to read my phone in order to message me. Surely this is illegal. I immediately trashed the message.
If ever I have the misfortune to visit this C R A P store again I must remember to switch off my phone. But more disturbing, who else is tracking my whereabouts without me knowing about it and how can they do it?
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Isn't it google maps or google something or other knowing your location? Rather than the store 'reading your phone'.
if you had wifi turned on, they will have connected to your smartphone. they actually watch smartphones to see which shelves you linger by. I thought you had to log onto their hub, for example Tesco offer "free" wifi to registered users so they can spy on you, so do Wetherspoons. I didn't think they could do that if you're not logged on.

I leave my wifi and Location off most of the time, it improves battery life and I don't want international spies like Google or Uber to see where I am. Most free wifi services are insecure. See KRACK, which needs to have protection applied to your smartphone, laptoy or other device.

"UK retailers are able to follow and target customers using facial recognition software and handset identifiers broadcast via Wi-Fi"

"Many people unwittingly sign up to be location-tracked 24/7, unaware that the highly sensitive data this generates is being used and sold on for profit."


Uber is a particularly disreputable company.
which abuses law enforcement officers and regulators

and competitors

and customers
"Since the controversial tracking tool, Uber has actually added a feature to its app that does in fact allow it to track people when they've closed the app down."

No wonder London has warned that it will not renew its licence until it behaves as if it was a fit and proper company.
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Yeah it's Google location services.Nothing to do with the store.
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Well not directly. My phone asked me to rate my local pub recently. It doesn't have WIFI.
For instance if I use Google maps to search for local range stores near me when I select one there is a reviews tab.
Thanks everyone for your very informative messages. I have now turned of my Location Mode. Not too sure whether is would be also advisable to turn of Wi-Fi when out and about. What do you all think?
I leave my wifi off except when I'm using it.

I only need Location when using the Satnav app.

Battery lasts longer too.
Guess it depends on how paranoid you are. Personally I wouldn't bother. Unless you're set up as a WiFi hotspot then the likelihood of a "meany" hacking your WiFi has got to be bordering on negligible.

Edit: Then there is the bit about battery life
I turn mine off but that's really because I inturn turn mobile data on. But it is another drain on the battery. Often NFC is on too by default which is another drain on the battery.
I get this often, it's Google location services identifying where you are.

Shortly after visiting a store I may get a survey to fill in which gets me between 6- and 38p google credit, I have purchased the last 2 years subscription to Lastpass doing this ($12 a year).
I'm currently on a whopping £2.69 so far :)

I am also a google map guide, if I find a nice place I can enter informative text markers onto google maps so that others can see them, I also get some points for doing this.
Bugger knows what the heck these points can be used for, but I'm at level 3 now :) ???

You can see your location history, it gives you a map tour of where you went.
Not good if your playing away, but great if you need to prove you were not at a location at a certain time (or at least your phone was not).
My mate loves his smart phone and doesn't seem to care about google tracking everything he does. I'm early 30s and practically always turn internet off, I'd rather use my brain and ask for directions from a real person, if needed, than use google services. Only time internet comes in handy is if I want to check the usual haunts, screwfix etc, for stock or look up an item.
You have got Google location services and Google now turned on. Its nothing to do with the shop.
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