Warmfront help: how to refuse the Ideal logic boiler??

19 Nov 2008
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United Kingdom

my father is eligible for a warmfront replacement boiler as our 10 year old boiler has packed up. A guy came around from the company that is going to install it and he said he was going to install a Ideal logic 30 (not logic plus) boiler. I have read some worrying things about this boiler. I have read previous posts that said people can choose from:

baxi doutec 24/28
ideal logic 24/30/35
vaillant ecotec pro 24/28
worcester bosch 24/28

Another more recent post stated a choice from just WB or the Ideal.

Can I choose or am I stuck with the ideal logic boiler?

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Nothing wrong with this boiler at all.
Been fitting them since they first come out with no issues at all.
The previous range were not very good at all, but this one is looking good.
can't answer the question fully but yes you can choose the boiler as far as i know, you are right to question the use of an ideal, its not the boiler its the manufacturer they are ****e at customer service and will use all the dirty tricks they can to weasel out of fixing your boiler should it go wrong!
You're getting it for free for God's sake! (courtesy of all the pointless green taxes the likes of me are forced into paying)

Ever heard of not looking a gift horse in the mouth????

If you want a top of the range boiler, stick your hand in your own pocket and pay for it yourself.
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Nowt wrong with the logic so far. Ive seen my first one out in the field last week and it looked a treat.

Plus - its free.
Dont refuse he logic it's a great boiler. Originally on the warmfront they used the Isar which didn't perform too well(ok guys I said it right :) )due to several factors not just boiler!!
The logic is streets ahead though.
can't answer the question fully but yes you can choose the boiler as far as i know, you are right to question the use of an ideal, its not the boiler its the manufacturer they are s***te at customer service and will use all the dirty tricks they can to weasel out of fixing your boiler should it go wrong!
That chip is getting massive noo :LOL:
Thanks for the advice, really want a vaillant to be honest or 2nd choice WB. The current boiler is a ravenheap - I do not want that 'quality' of boiler as replacement. I'm trying to get the best value for money for tax payers by getting the best the money can buy with the scheme and therefore save on spare parts, engineers having to come out to fix it which is not good for the environment. many of these parts are made from precious metals which have to be mined and cause a lot of environmental damage.

What would be the best way of getting a vaillant? should i phone warmfront and tell them i am not happy with the recommendation of the ideal or should i talk with the installer?
i personally cant see anything wrong in checking what you are entitled too' the questions are only that questions they are not demands or rantings but simple questions
do we not all deserve the best value for money our full entitlement giving best returns
would you go into a shop and ask no questions and take what the shop assistant suggested without question
Why do some people just come on here to waste our time

Sarahjones I smell BS!!
Here is last post from a thread you started 6 months ago that you ignored advice etc

Since Sarah has been brought up by her father I am very surprised that she does not want to give him ANYTHING towards getting a good boiler fitted.

If I felt like that I'd just wait for the Warmfront scheme, or take him to the hospital and then get social services to fix the boiler

Anyway I have bought a Ideal Logic Plus 24kW for £732 inc VAT including flue and clock + 5 yr guarantee. I know that most of think that they are crap, but it seems like a good deal if there are no problems. If it breaks down, I'll just call on the warmfront lot

The safe bet for budget boiler would be the tried and tested Potterton Gold, the Biasi would have been a good gamble but I don't like to live life on the edge especially with our recent winters.

Strangely the old Ravenheat has come back to life. CH is working fine but the DHW is not that warm, or as warm as it should be. I wonder if it is the diverter valve, had a new pump fitted a few years ago so that should be OK. As it's running I'm thinking of using it for a system clean. I have read about powerflushing and some of you recommend just a DIY mains water flush before a new system is installed. I am thinking of flushing the system twice with mains water, then putting in Sentinel X400 for 7-14 days and then reflushing twice with mains water again before the new boiler is installed. They system was power flushed 6 years ago by warmfront so should not really need another one as it's a sealed system. I'm going to fit the Fernox TF1 afterwards and also get the RGI to put in 22mm brass T on the central heating flow and return pipes so I can conveniently flush the system when I feel it needs it. Anyone with any comments on my plan?

he Biasi is new to the market but has not so far got many negative reviews.

Tony: rumour has it you install quite a few Biasi's. What is your view of the Activa? Have you installed any?
The Active is fairly new and does not seem to have had many problems. However, everything in it is a new design and the HE is made of ali alloy.

I would not choose one while the M110 premix series is still available as thats a very reliable boiler with the stainless HE.

But they have recently introduced the M296 which is basically the Band B M96 design but with a finned ss tube in the recouperator which gives it an efficiency of 90%.

Being conventional burner they are far less sensitive than any premix and as they are sold for under £500 inc vat then they represent very good value and my expectation of being very reliable.


PS, I find this confusing! Has the OP actually bought an ideal Login HERSELF even though she is now talking about a Warmfront installation? Or does she own several properties which she rents out?
Never mind the precious metals - the bloody gas will be gone by the time you`re in your recycled coffin :eek:

assuming you are a child of the mid 70`s .

Me I`m going to go laughing as I`m a Baby Boomer who caused all the problems :mrgreen:
yep, i bought the ideal logic as that was a good deal at the time, however, the ravenheap is the 'lazarus' model so i returned the ideal and applied for the warm front grant :D

Just what are these precious metals?

PCB, connector and boiler contains al, au, pb, possibly ag also.

I have contacted warmfront and they have stated the ones they are able to supply as the ideal logic and the WB Junior. Would you guys rate the WB Junior 28i better than the Ideal logic (not the plus version).

The one thing, well actually two things that put me off about the WB junior is that they hot water temp is not adjustable and the error codes on the ideal seem more comprehensive. At the end of the day I am looking for reliability so What would you guys choose given the choice?

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