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7 Feb 2009
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United Kingdom

I need to replace my lead pipe from the house to the underground water meter, (which is inside my property boundry).

Am I alwowed to connect the new blue MDPE pipe to my side of the water meter or do I need to get the water board out?

On the water board site (yorkshire water) it clearly states that everything inside the property line is my resposiblity!

I am going to hire a digger to dig the trech 750mm deap by about 15m long. This is all under grass, appart from the first meter which is a path. so firly easy to dig and cover back.

What connection type do I need at the meter end?
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Technically only a Water Regs qualified should install mains water pipes.

If thats not being done then the Water Co will wish to inspect the installed pipe in the trench before its covered up.

The connection at the meter will depend on the meter and who fitted it and when that was. You will need to look and see!

We are not wanting it changed due to the lead, have no issue with that.

Main thing is, the in-house stop-cock is in a daft place, and the work we are doing is right next to it, which alows us to get the stop-cock in a better place.

So rather than replace all 20m of the lead pipe, would it be OK to replace just the bit that joins the rest of the copper in the house (thus eliminating the daft stop-cock)

run inside the hosue with copper installing double check valve then new stop-cock in better loaction , then convert to 25mm MDPE to go under the foundations @750 mm in 100mm ducting and then just join in with the existing lead pipe about 1m meter past the foundation/outside wall???
You can replace whatever you want to.

But it would be sensible to replace it all the way back to the meter with ideally 32mm blue pipe so that you eliminate lead poisoning and get a better flow rate.

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ideally 32mm blue pipe so that you eliminate lead poisoning and get a better flow rate.


As the rest of the house is only 15mm, surely 32mm will make no difference, as the 15mm pipes will be the restiriction.

We have no issue with water flow.

I am going to dig down to the water meter tommorow and see how it is conected in.

Other thing is my neighbour is doing some major building works and he has a mini digger sat doing nothing most weekends, so I am think a couple of bottles of wine will "rent" me the digger for a day and easly dig the 20m trench.
Some bad news today, neighbourgh has finsihed with his digger so it has gone back.

Good news is, it only took 3hrs to dig the trench by hand (20m x 800mm deap) :cool:

Even better news is at the meter/ stopcock there is about 1ft of 25mm blue pipe coming off the meter which then joins onto the lead. So a simple 25mm stright couple is all that is needed.

Odering the bit and will have it all plumbed in next weekend.

Only final slight snag is I need to hire a core drill to get through the concreat floor (which was a porch entrance) to getn the water pipe down through the foundations. 150mm hole by 400mm deap will do in then I dig under.

I am then fitting a stopcock whcih is 25mm MDPE in and 15mm copper pipe out, followed by a double check valve, then joins into the rest of the house 15mm copper pipe.
To comply with the water regs you also need to install a drain valve just after the stop tap.

is it a requirement to fit a double check valve on the mains incoming? this also wont restrict the flow?
Thanks for that Andy.

So the order is from blue MDPE entering house,


Drain valve

Double check valve

Your supply should be installed by a WIAPS plumber who will issue you and the water supplier with a certificate to say it has been installed to the regs.. You are allowed to install it yourself but in this case it will need to be inspected by your water supplier.


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