What the hec is wrong with this forum? (Technical problem)


Big Tone

what version of IE are you using?

Make sure you have the latest or install mozilla firefox instead.

See if that helps the problem

You got me there Big Rob. I know it's not firefox because I got used to IE and firefox and, (like Chrome), for me they fixed something that wasn't broken and replaced it with something that just irritated the $h1t out of me TBH in the name of 'it's better/quicker'.

I lump it in the same skip that Micosoft keep trying to reinvent the wheel with 'Turbo Word ZX Supa-charged'

I like, and know, the original thank you very much!!! If you want to add to it, and it's truly an improvement or quicker here's a thought..

JUST DO THAT AND STOP F***ING with what works, what we are familiar with - what you made us all around the globe love, like and respect and stop keeping overpayed geeks justify thier position by making a 'rounder' wheel!!

Ok - I'm going to open that second bottle of wine now... :mad:


I've had a bad day; I'll apologise tomorrow or deny it was me who posted :D
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We know it was you Big Tone ...we are watching you :cool: :cool:

and Firefox is brill :)

Big Tone

But, but.. I always thought you were on my side Susie

Okay guys, here's the deal. Don't trust women.

Okay girls, here's the deal. Don't trust men.

Okay people, here's the deal. If you put your trust in I.T.....


Oh sorry, I meant this one..


Goodnight and "may your god go with you"...
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