Which lithium ion drill/driver to buy.

At the end of the day though, most drill drivers would do the job if you pre-drill a suitably sized pilot hole first.

That is exactly what I was thinking. However, you can't deny that the impact driver can allow you to work quickly, without having to pre-drill pilot holes.

My original intention was to pre drill pilot holes and screw into them; even with an impact driver, this may still be necessary, but the impact driver would make life ALOT easier when it comes to driving in big screws into timber. I won't know until I try, but the impact driver might negate the need for pilot holes, which will make my life much easier.

I can either get the £40 drill/driver from Screwfix OR I spend an extra £35 and get the AEG impact driver. I didnt want to spend £73 on another drill, but I think I may not have a choice, given that I will be working with thick screws.
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suggest trying a 6x 100mm was a joke you know it will easily cope even pull the whole screw head and all through the wood

would say aeg was as good or better than bosch because i simply dont know

i have bosch blue 10.8/ 14.4/and 24v stuff but no aeg stuff although i have used my neibours 18v aeg but not enough to form a usefull comparason
having said that i personaly rate ryobi as diy light to medium trade capable off doing 80% off the big boys toys at 40% off the price

as the aeg is being marketed as the full trade version from TI industries so would assume 90 to 100% up to the big boys toys ability
What are peoples' feelings towards the B+Q own brand power tools - Performance?

Their 14.4v impact driver, with batteries is £50.


It looks attractive. The problem is getting replacement batteries in a few years time. The review on there seems to suggest that this is Draper brand.

I'm now sold on the idea of an impact driver.

I'm tempted by the AEG, however, I would still prefer to pay less.
i refer you to the comments i made earlier ;)

"aeg will be about with full repair and spares for years to come where as the diy products from the sheds or argos have no spares or back up and are out off date in the next catalouge sale "
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Steer clear of own brand tools from any of the sheds including screwfix's own brand, they're all rubbish with no spares or back up.

Stick with Big all's advice, its all good and as for the impact then get one, you will be impressed i guarantee it, you'll wonder how you ever coped without one.

I have a Li-ion dewalt dc827 and its easily one of the most used tools i have but it wasn't cheap, as big says putting a 4" screw into wood without a pilot hole with an impact is easy, it'll even pull the screw head through if you want it to.
From starting off this thread wanting a standard cordless screwdriver anyone would now think you are now an impact driver salesman!

They are good though, I have the 18v Ryobi and Bosch GDR 10.8.

You could use the impact for pilot holes too, you just need to get hex ended drill bits or a small hex shank chuck.
From starting off this thread wanting a standard cordless screwdriver anyone would now think you are now an impact driver salesman!


Before the start of this thread, although I had heard of impact drivers, I wasnt quite sure what their use was.

After the recommendation yesterday to buy an impact driver, rather than a drill driver I watched a few youtube videos and was shocked how easily the screws were being driven into the timber. Seeing this video is what made me think that an impact driver is the way to go, saving time by doing away with pilot holes.

OK then. The AEG it shall be. Thanks for your advice gents.
Another question:

Does anybody have a good recommendation for a good impact driver bit set?

Are these ok:

The big screws I intend to use are PZ3 and PZ2. I shall also be driving drywall screws.

Does anybody have any recommendations for well priced bit sets.

Also, I've come across Screwfix who are doing the following deal on a impace and drill driver:

http://www.screwfix.com/prods/57847...8V?cm_re=SEARCHPROMO-_-HITACHI IMPACT-_-57847

Are Hitachi any good and how do they compare with AEG?
I've noticed that the Hitachi uses Lithium Ion tech and as a result is smaller (which is better).
I'm liking the Hitachi set at that price, will cover all bases.

I thought you were not wanting to spend much money? Maybe you should seek counselling, I fear you might be in the early stages of tool addiction.
Dude. I'm already addicted.

When I first moved into my home, I had the electrics done. The 2 guys who did the electrics stayed for 5 days and commented that I had an array of tools. That was before I bought my most expensive tool - The Bosch 24V SDS. That baby cost me £400, but it was worth every penny. When I installed my air conditioner, that bosch made going through the wall easy as pie.

I was looking at the Hitachi set, with a view to buying it and selling the drill driver on ebay for about £30. This means that both the AEG and the Hitachi would work out at the same price. The question: which is better?

I've also been looking at screwdriver bits:


Do those look ok?
For the sake of £30 keep the drill driver, you'd regret selling if you needed it.
Those bits are excellent, but I have still managed to break them in an impactor, currently using the tic-tac box multipacks, bin them as and when they break.
Those bits are excellent, but I have still managed to break them in an impactor, currently using the tic-tac box multipacks, bin them as and when they break.

Do the ones in the tic tac box break easily? I read some reviews of other bits which were breaking after driving a single screw. Are the tic tac boxed drill bits not worth the money?
The tic tac ones are perfectly acceptable for screwing with in a drill/driver but will wear out quicker in an impact even snap prematurely, if you dont mind constantly buying bits then go for the cheapies.

I have about 100 cheap bits that i just dont use anymore since a bought a wera set,i am only on the second bit in 2 years + a mate borrowed one aswell to put in his new impact, he now swears by them, WERA all the way for me, inc the bi-torsion holder to

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