Will AEG batteries fit RYOBI? and other advice questions...

10 Mar 2008
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I am semi-avid DIY'er and use my tools semi-regularly. At a minimum I would say I need my tools 2 full days each month (or 1 weekend a month I am working on something)

My trusty old 18v cordless B&D drill is near its end of life and i am looking to replace, the B&D has always been abit crappy and i vowed along time ago that when it had to go i would not replace with B&D. I have seen this AEG model, "Aeg OBSB144G" and am tempted to buy it as a replacement.


a) Is this drill any-good, does anyone own one? cannot see any reviews anywhere - figured [email protected]/h better that [email protected]/h!

b) As AEG is the prosumer version of RYOBI, do AEG battery's fit RYOBI tools and vice-versa. I hoped to be able to buy a "naked" Jigsaw in the future and use the 2amp battery from the drill above.

c) The only other tool i own is a cordless Makita impact driver (which is awesome), i am tempted to buy a naked Makita drill and use my existing Makita batteries - Again i assume they fit...my impact driver is somewhat old/battered.

My use is generally light/medium drilling and screwing, size and weight as well as power are particularly important for me. Battery life is not too much of an issue, as I dont mind waiting for it to charge (i will just have another cup-a-tea). For any heavy duty stuff I use my battered Bosch GBH SDS.

I suppose, that like many DIY'ers that don't eat tools like pro's it is more about buying into a system that will expand with needs/budget. This is why i ebbed towards AEG thinking i could mix/match with RYOBI.

My price range is ideally between £50 - £100 but am willing to compromise.

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Have narrowed my search down to either of these

Aeg OBSB144G available from Amazon or Site SMB800 14.4V Cordless Combi Drill

On paper the AEG looks better, but again no reviews for this. Does anyone have any additional comments / things i should look for.

no only batteries that fit the machine are the ones with the same name on them lol

the volts are the engine size the ah is the petrol tank bigger ah wont make the drill any "stronger" it will just run for longer between charges

if you plan on extending you range off tools that fit the batteries then only ryobi or dewalt are forward and backwards compatable


you old bosch wont fit the new bosch batteries so not compatable

make shure your drill has hammer action for masonary /brick drilling
Oh dear, i was under the impression that SITE power tools battery's fitted Makita tools and hoped AEG would fit Ryobi.

I hoped to make full use of my 3 spare makita batteries in more modern makita power tools
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Site tools are merely rebadged Makita. They are, as far as I can tell, identical, in a different colour. AEG on the other hand are very much their own brand of tools (and quite good ones in my experience, I have a BSB 14 STX-R which performs brilliantly, although battery life is short, it sat on the shelf for two years before getting sold to me, but hey, loads of torque, bargain price).
Looks like i may be better off investing in SITE.

Does anyone know what the corporate SITE website is - i can find no real internet presence; it would be nice to see the full range of tools the company makes. Has the company terminated? it seems there is alot of SITE clearance tools on the market at the moment.

Indeed on EBay a naked drill driver can be had for as little as £17 - which is a steal if you already own a battery.
yes site batteries do fit as said above they are makita but remember new li-ion tools wont fit the nicad batteries
unlike the dewalt and ryobi where you can buy a new tool and use the batteries on the old stuff
Thanks big-all, the penny has now dropped - Ryobi/Dewalt are backwards compatible other manufacturers are forwards compatible.

As i already own a 12v impact driver and have a battery and charger I am tempted to go for a naked makita 6271D or 6271N (i assume the D/N code differs because the original driver came from a combi kit etc)

Based upon the fact that my 12v impact driver has more clout than my current drill i am assuming that a 12v makita drill driver would fulfill my needs.

Still like the look of that AEG though?
no other manufacturers new tools and batteries wont fit older stuff

ryobi/dewalt old tools fit new batteries and old batterys fit new tools

i have nicads nmh and li-ions that fit all my dewalts
i have nicads and li-ions that fit all the ryobis

if you buy a makita to fit your batteries [a good move] when the next generation comes along they just dont fit so once your batteries or tools pack up they are junk unless theres old stock kicking about

an impact driver will pack up to 4x the power off a drill driver because off the way it works

you deffinatly need a hammer[percussion] drill for drilling holes in walls and brick

the "n" suffix usualy means naked[without battery charger or kit box]

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