Windows updates on laptop

4 Jun 2009
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United Kingdom
Neighbour got a laptop that just keeps updating windows (running XP)

Now C drive full, laptop really slow and runs check disk every time he turns it on

Went to delete some updates from add/remove programs but not sure which ones to delete

Have turned automatic updates off at minute

Any advice on how to stop updating and also deleting updates from C drive
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Windows updates would not fill a hard drive, otherwise every computer would be overloaded. There must be something on the HD that has filled it.
Go to Computer and double click on the C: drive and open Program Files folder.
See what is listed that he does not use and then use either that programs uninstaller in the start menu or use Control panel > Programs to uninstall
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Download a disk space analyser tool like zero assumption and see where the space has gone. As above unlikely to be updates but there might be some temp files saved somewhere (which uninstalling the update probably won't remove either). Might be time for a fresh install.
Just booted it up and get blue screen saying fault in non-paged disk area and get screen saying windows did not close down properly please start from

last known good configuration
safe mode
command prompt
start normally

I select last known good configuation and get check disk then after finished loading get framework box

An unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click continue the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue, if you click quit the application will be shut down immediately

'cannot control acermemusagecheckservice service on computer'

I go into add/remove programs in control panel and there are loads of

Windows installations eg

compatability pack for 2007 Office system has 6 installed on various dates from 18/02/11-02/07/11 all with KB and numbers after them

26 instances of .netframework ending in various numbers letters such as


Then 23 under

Microsoft Office Standard Edition 2003 ending in


23 Windows IE 8 updates ending in KB then numbers

then (stopped counting at 60) Windows XP software updates including

updates for

Media Format
Media Player