Worcester 24CDI - Flue in Void

17 Mar 2006
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United Kingdom

I've just come across the 'flue in void' legislation and as a Landlord want to make sure I comply with the new laws. I have seen the below thread which indicates that 'open flue' boilers are exempt (and also saw another thread on this site which said the same thing but cant locate it now).

So I have a Worcester24CDI boiler and have just had British gas do its yearly safety check.On the report it is marked as an Open Flue system. The engineer never mentioned inspection hatches to me when he carried out this check so am I safe to assume they are not required?

I have TB008Ed2.1 document and cant see any reference to Open/Closed flue systems. Does anyone have a link to an official documentation confirming that Open Flue systems are exempt?


Many thanks for any replies.
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TB008 mentions room sealed fanned draught flues. Open flued appliances are not mentioned therefore are not covered by TB008
So can you confirm that Worcester24CDI is an Open Flue appliance? I believe mine is as it's vented through the adjacent living room?

Looking on the Worcester site it seems the 24CDI can come in various models so just need to check mine is open flue.
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at a guess i would say its R.S not O.F never seen a O.F worcester 24cdi but i never say never
but adding a picture would help
The Gas Inspection Cert from British Gas says Open Flue on the report but I'll double check on the boiler.

Is there a simple way to check for O.F. or R.S? I dont recall the front of the boiler stating either way?
if BG says its O.F then thats what they have found
did a quick google search and there is a O.F version so it proberly is O.F
If you remove white outer casing ( just lifts up and out)
you should see the data sticker on the combustion chamber cover (DO NOT REMOVE/TOUCH SCREWS ON THIS COVER)

it will say 24cdi OF if open flued gas council no: 47 311 32
or it will say 24cdi rsf if room sealed flue gc no: 4731130

I advise to isolate electrics before removing outer white cover, just in case
I'll double check when I'm next at the flat buit its sound like I may be in luck.

cheers all :)

most helpful site on interweb!
I don't count owning an open flued CDi as lucky :LOL:

must admit its not been the best boiler over the years (in fact pretty crap) but if it means I dont have to get inspection hatches added to a shared building its a bonus!

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