1. K

    Building a brick shed against the house

    I am planning on having a large brick shed built against the side of the house (approx 2.5 Mtr wide x 6 Mtr long), it will not be closer than 2 Mtr to the boundary fence and will be inline with the front elevation of the house. I have read through local council PD documents, been on the planning...
  2. Eddy9000

    Filling holes in interior brickwork

    Hi there, I just moved my radiator from an exposed brick wall, and on moving it there were two holes, about 4" diameter and 2" depth. Looks like someone had tried to fix the radiator previously and made a mess of the brick, and just placed the radiator over it. I was wondering what the best...
  3. C

    Bricks to use for repair of sandstone wall?

    I'm replacing the kitchen in my old 1830's house and upon removing the existing units, discovered that there is a large hole in the brick wall. From what I can tell, the walls are constructed of two layers of sandstone with rubble between. This is an external wall. The hole is around 600 mm x...
  4. Kevin Price-Ward

    Bare brick wall - bond coat advice please

    Hi all, My first post here but just wanted some advice on a project I've started. I'm doing our hall, stairs and landing at the moment (at last after 19 years in the house), taking off the old woodchip has resulted in much of the plaster coming away as well, it was the original crumbly lime...
  5. T

    Letterbox Cutout

    Anyone have any idea on whether it would be safe to cut out a section of the front wall in an archway to insert one of these letterbox options? Veritcal: Horizontal...
  6. S

    Brick Choice..opinions needed

    Hi, I'm new to the site and am desperately seeking opinions on which brick colour to chose. It must be a traditional red multi as the house is going to look period/Victorian style.
  7. J

    Damp on gable end - brick removal

    Hi, New to the forum, so be patient. Since the rain has been non-stop for the last 3-4 months, the ground floor of the gable end of the house has started to develop damp patches at roughly head height at sporadic areas. This is pretty frustrating due to the fact we recently put a new kitchen...
  8. C

    Some advice on order of tasks...

    Hi, I am taking the walls back to brick at the weekend in the living room as they are all blown, I am also removing the door frames as they are totally wrecked and need replacing, my question is what should the order of jobs be, I think I am partially right but unsure, could anyone help? I need...
  9. M

    Vertical crack, front elevation corner.

    Property is projected from the adjoining terrace property by a brick course or so. see pics. what is going on here, especially since the property has had some previous repair. 1950 3 bed