1. K

    Pyronix Enforcer V11 Upgrade Kit

    Hi everyone I am upgrading my Enforcer from V9.51 to V11 using the Pyronix Enforcer V11 upgrade kit, which comes with a new PCB and associated kit in the box. I notice that a new power cable that goes from the PSU to the front panel is included in the box, and this has an additional flylead on...
  2. J

    What size SWA cable for garden workshop?

    I`m planning to build a summerhouse/workshop down the garden. Cable length would be around 45/50mt. Mostly power used 13A and maybe some mig welder 16A Do I need to get a 3 core cable or 2 core would be fine and Earth can be sorted out locally? What would be the ideal size without spending a...
  3. B

    Which one of these Satellite cables is good?

    Hello, I need to replace the wire from the sky satellite to the receiver. Only the run which comes from the dish to just inside the house will be replaced. I intend to use a connector to connect the two wires together. The cable inside the house is fine and will be too much work to replace it...
  4. P

    Found a redundant live cable during building work

    We're just pulling down a wall in our house and have found the cable for the old electric shower (since replaced with a thermostatic one) and it's still live!!! *Scared face* I'm not good enough with electrics to go routing around in a consumer unit and unfortunately the cable goes straight into...
  5. S

    Hidden Alarm Cable in Window Frame

    Hi all, I'm currently 1st fixing my security alarm cable in my own self build and I am trying to minimise any visible cable / trunking on / around the window frame. It's all hard wired as I am not a great fan of wireless. The frames are UPVC. I have already fitted 2 concealed Elmdene flush...
  6. A

    Cabling for outside lighting query

    I have a quick question, I am getting my rendering done on my extension and wanted to clarify I can do what I think I can do for the outside lighting. The fuse board location is on the first floor as shown on the drawn picture. I have four post lights that I want to position as shown by the...
  7. M

    Burying EV cable underground

    I’m making preparations for burying an electric vehicle charger cable to be installed by British Gas. I’m digging the hole 450mm deep and have been told to put 150mm of sand covering the ducting. I’m preparing it as per BG instructions and taking photos. my question is what type of sand to...
  8. M

    Burying cable

    I’m making preparations for burying an electric vehicle charger cable to be installed by British Gas. I’m digging the hole 450mm deep and have been told to put 150mm of sand covering the ducting. I’m preparing it as per BG instructions and taking photos. my question is what type of sand to...
  9. M

    Outdoor LED seciruty light needs extending

    Hi, Just going to buy a typical 30w LED security spotlight (off amazon) with PIR, mains power. But the cable isnt long enough so i need to extend it. but i dont know what cable i should get? Ive seen a few different lights, some are 2 core, some are 3 core (according to the pictures). Is two...
  10. Codrin

    Doorphone/Intercom Elro IB11 cable

    Hey guy I want to connect my intercom to my flat but i have no idea about how the cable are working can any one please help me !? Thank you so much!
  11. D

    Cable for garage and workshop

    Hi I have reviewed some previous posts but I am not sure of the size of SWA cable to use for a garage and workshop. I am only planning to put the cable under the floor before some laminate gets laid - I am yet to get planning permission for the garage - but thought I would save an awkward job...
  12. AndyMc78

    Cable size for electric shower

    Hi all, We are trying to ascertain what size cable we have for our current electric shower as we are purchasing a new one and need to know what kw we can get. The current shower is 8.5kw and ideally we'd like to go a little more powerful. Can anyone tell whether the current cable is 6mm or 10mm...
  13. James Robson

    Ford Fiesta MK6 (2007) Help identifying this cable please

    Hi all, I have just changed the starter motor on my Fiesta MK6 and whilst removing the old one, this cable came off. There is only a limited amount of movement as its housed in a cable tidy with little stretch. I've had a good look round above and below the engine but I can't see anywhere...
  14. R

    Removing old tele west cable point

    Hi all, currently in the process of renovating my house. There’s an ancient tele west cable box point (pictured) on the wall that I want to get rid of. Just wanted to check and see if anyone knew if this carried any voltage? I don’t want to get a shock trying to get it off the wall! Normally...
  15. Kieron anderson

    Atco b14 deluxe lawnmower cable issue

    Hi I have recently purchased an atco b14 deluxe petrol lawnmower, and it works perfectly fine, other than the lever that is meant to stop the blades while it is running, doesn't, will this be just a cable issue, or may it run deeper than that??
  16. M

    Shower issues

    I swapped out my old shower for a 10.8kw one from screwfix. Worked for a while, but at the pull switch it's melting the cables going TO the shower and tripping the breaker. The full run is as follows: About 9-10m of 6mm2 from mcb to a junction box above the switch. 10mm2 from the junction...
  17. J

    Outdoor power supply

    Hi Im new to this forum, hopefully im in the right area for this. Ok, so i need power outdoors to power some decking lights (16 x 0.6w) and a pond fountain, which i believe was around 400w- may be wrong there but its definitely a very small amount. So, i have no power in that area. Closest...
  18. C

    Quick Q - Any ideas what this cable could be?...

    Decorating the spare bedroom which has a pretty old built in wardrobe. This cable protrudes from there. Any ideas? Aerial cable maybe??? I don't want to rip it out if it could be useful
  19. J

    Re wiring all TV/ satellite system. What I need to do? Help

    I`m just re wiring all new house and I got some doubt on how many cable I should run to make house completely future proof. I usually watch freeview but would be good to have a satellite option in case we want use sky in the future. Can anyone advise on how many cable and which one I should...
  20. H

    Cable size for sockets?

    Good morning all. I want to add some extra sockets in a 1930s two-bed semi that I'm renovating down in Bideford and had a query regarding cable size. At the moment, the consumer unit connects to two mains circuits - one labelled "downstairs sockets" and the other "upstairs sockets". These both...