copper pipe

  1. S

    Which is best grand copper pipe?

    Need to do some piping for a thermostatic shower, and I am planning to use copper as the pipework will be in the stud wall. i started-out looking for WRAS approved pipe, but I couldn’t find any and so perhaps that is only relevant to fittings!? EN 1057 seems to be the specification to go for...
  2. Matthew Bester

    Stickers On Copper Pipework?

    DIYer, I want to put coloured stickers on my domestic pipework to make it easier to identify hot, cold, flow, return, etc in the future. Could there be any harm from the adhesive on the stickers reacting with the copper over 10, 20, 30 years? I know some things make copper corrode faster. I...
  3. S

    What is this used for please?

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me what type of pipe this is for? I tried bending some 15mm copper pipe with no success but I could be using it incorrectly. :unsure: Thanks. Mark.
  4. H

    Is it ok to use copper pipes with stainless cylinder?

    I have a vented direct (immersion only no boiler) hot water system. Old pipes are all 22mm copper. Now need to replace the cylinder. I am wondering about the material compatibility of the old copper pipes with new stainless cylinder? Can I just put in the stainless cylinder as a direct...
  5. S

    Break out plaster and concrete

    Hello I am uncovering the path of a pipe buried in plasters in a wall and concrete in a floor The pipe is made of lead and transitions to copper What is the best way to break out plaster and concrete without damaging the pipe Thanks
  6. P

    Problem with replacing shower arm

    Hi All, I'm looking for some advice on replacing a shower arm that I discovered ended on 15mm copper pipe. I was expecting some kind of compression adapter that I could just screw into but its just bare copper pipe as shown below. The end of the pipe sits just below the tile level and looks...
  7. P

    Anyone seen the prices of copper pipes. copper or plastic which one

    Hi All. I was just looking at the cost of a bundle of 15mm and 22mm pipe. In the middle of a huge project which requires about 6 bundles of each. Last year 15mm bundles was selling for under 70 quid at W***** and 22mm just under 120 quid, now its almost double. I cannot believe it. I am not...
  8. C

    Is it OK to use push fit fittings ?

    Can you advise whether it's OK to use push fit fittings on 15mm copper pipe behind plasterboard and tiles when fitting a thermostatic bar shower please ? Normally I'd use Yorkshire soldered fittings but would like to use push fit in this instance if I can. Thanks
  9. B

    Can hot & cold pipes to boiler touch?

    Hi all, I'm looking to reorganise some copper pipework to where a combi boiler will be installed. Planning to chase out a section of a conrete floor for the pipework and using fixing band instead of clips too so the chase doesn't have to be too wide or deep. My question is can all these pipes...
  10. R

    Working with galvanized steel pipe (Water)

    Is this a specialist job ? I just need a piece cut (so it will not protrude above some floorboards) and then joined back into the copper pipe. We had a plumber out today who said he couldn't do it because he didn't have the correct tools. Just wondering if i'm going to get major issues tracking...
  11. K

    Removing tile grout from around copper pipe

    Previous occupants made a right dogs dinner of tiled bathroom floor, with great globs of grout around the base of the pipes coming up to the radiator. Worried my multi-tool grout remover will go through the pipe too! Could anyone kindly suggest a way to rake away the grout without risking...
  12. S

    What type of couplers are these?

    Hi, Probably a numpty question, but can anybody tell me what sort of connection or coupling is pictured below please. Background is, I've had to replace a leaking handbasin mixer tap in my downstairs WC. The new tap comes with a fixing kit and flexi tails. I'm planning on using a pipe...
  13. J

    Install 3 way water filter tap

    Hi I just purchased a 3 way tap that came with 1/2" flexi hoses for each of the 3 holes. 1 hose is for the hot water and 1 is for the cold water. The 3rd one is for the filtered water. I am using an undersink water filter system that connects to a tap via a 1/4" plastic tubing. How on earth do...
  14. J

    Leak from water meter

    hi in May we had a leak from the water meter Yorkshire water came and fixed it. It’s recently started again (they say condensation) we went on holiday Monday I turned the water off and put a pot underneath. We got home yesterday and the pot was full and overflown. Yorkshire water have been out...
  15. C

    How to cover gas pipe in concrete floor

    Hello all, My brother has just had a new boiler fitted and the gas engineer routed a new copper pipe directly from the meter to the new boiler. The old copper pipe that fed the previous boiler came from under the concrete floor, where it tees off to feed the gas supply for the cooker. Although...
  16. C

    Help retrofitting new thermostatic shower

    Hi there. I’m looking to replace our existing Aqualisa Colt shower with a new shower from IKEA. I thought it was going to be a simple replacement job but I’ve discovered they’re fitted in different ways. Our existing shower fits on with its own bracket and plastic ends just slip directly on to...
  17. J

    Is there such thing as an anti-siphon trap for 15mm copper?

    I have a shower head that comes vertically down out of the ceiling. It's fed from a long pipe run above and to the left of it, sadly this means that when the shower is turned off the water is siphoned from the pipe (drawing the water off because the shower head is lower than the lateral pipe...
  18. G

    Copper or plastic pipe with speedfit fittings?

    Hi I'm rerouting CH pipework to a new rad. I can solder but its a very tight space in a floor so going to use JG speedfit fittings. Is it better to use copper pipe or JG plastic pipe? Cheers.
  19. G

    Bending copper pipe over 90 degrees

    Evening, Is it possible to bend 15mm copper pipe over 90 degrees? I've got a situation where I'd like to bend at about 110 degrees and I'm wondering how to. Cheers. PS. I have a pipe bender but it goes to 90 degrees.
  20. I

    Ways to prevent a slip coupler from slipping when soldering onto a vertical copper pipe?

    Any ideals on the best way to preventing a copper solder slip coupler from slipping down a vertical copper pipe while soldering please? The reason for the question is I need to remove a section of vertical copper pipe to install a solder tee fitting to branch off. The vertical pipe is clipped...