1. Oliver Dawson

    Ceiling light tripping when turn off

    Hi I recently fitted a new light fitting on the ceiling of a downstairs bathroom now every time I'm the light is turned off it trips out the lights. From what I understand I've why did it wrong so that the switch is back to front ie off is on / on is off. But I don't understand how to correct it...
  2. eveares

    Electrics in the USA - What tests are done for new installations?

    I am in the UK where when new circuits are commissioned, a number of tests are done to ensure the safety of the circuit. Such tests consist of (but not limited to) insulation resistance tests, loop impedance tests, RCD/ELCB characteristics tests, etc... How does that compare to the sort of...
  3. A

    Socket circuits joined togther... somewhere

    I recently bought a house, and an electrician has been round and found that both wall socket circuits are joined somewhere, meaning that when one is off at the consumer unit, all sockets are still getting power. They have said that all sockets in the house will need to be removed and tested to...
  4. eveares

    Kitchen appliance service man advise us to upgrade 20A MCB to 32A! (Rant)

    We had our Electrolux combi microwave/fan oven replaced with a brand new one under warranty as our old one was written of due to severe rust, what prevented a previous repair man being unable to get to and replace the heater element what was leaking current to earth and tripping the RCD. I was...
  5. J

    Wall lights from sockets (UK)

    In my flat I have a spur from the ring main to 2x double plug sockets either side of the bed. There is a 13amp fused spur switch between the ring main and the spur. I want to extend the spur to feed 2x wall lights (they have a on/off switch in the base of each light). Question: Do I need...
  6. A

    Hidden Kitchen Junction Box

    We're in the process of renovating our kitchen. We've removed the existing tiles, and in the splashback area above the hob we found a small mdf patch hiding a junction box. I'll let the pictures do the talking but wanted advice on whats best to do. It doesn't power the hob, oven or extractor...
  7. R

    What's going on here?

    Afternoon chaps. I've got a wall light outside my house and with the nights drawing in I have decided it needs to be recomissioned into service. The old fitting is past it, so I've purchased a cheap screwfix wall light. Theres a PIR sensor about a metre away on the wall which I suspect...
  8. P

    Two red wires..

    Hi all, I wonder if you can help? I was about to change an old white plastic dimmer switch for a 1 gang polished steel face plate. Recently moved to a new property and met by what appears to be fairly antiquated electrics! Opened the faceplate fo be met by two red wires. One has a piece of brown...
  9. PlsHelpMe

    Need advice on wiring a tridonic ballast pc 2/55 TCL PRO

    _ [1] I've used a multi meter to suss out the pins on the twin lamps So, with the lamps upturned, facing upwards and pins going from bottom to top it shows that, Pin 1 is live brown Pin 2 is Blue Neutral Pin 3 is Hot wire Black Pin 4 is Earth _ [2] [very important] The Ballast manual says...
  10. 2

    Advice on electric regulations

    Hello, Had damp issue in my buy to let and got a system put in wherein they put outlets in the bedrooms and a fan sort of thing that pulls air in the property. The work seems to have been done fine but they didn't add a switch to turn the system off, they just wired it into a socket in the...
  11. B

    Potterton Hall effect sensor connector

    My Combi Gold 33 HE just went into a state where it is indicating hot water demand all the time, so obviously we are getting no CH and the burner is firing up , fan turning on and off every few minutes. I believe this is a problem with the DHW flow sensing function so took the hall effect...
  12. V

    Replacing a double socket

    I need to replace this double socket, but the replacement is slightly different to the old one and not sure if I need to add a new earth cable going to the box please? Here is a picture of the existing socket that needs replacing: and here is the new socket:
  13. T

    Correct and safe sealing around mains cable and other cables - mice

    Hi there This is my first post - I have recently bought my first house - an Edwardian terrace and we have a bit of a mice problem (+ draft problem!) so I want to seal up holes where they can get in (amongst other things like mouse mesh etc.) We have the gas and electrics coming in from the...
  14. sitay

    Alpha Oil Cooker to Electric

    Hi, Im look at converting our Alpha cooker which also controls our heating and water to electric. Has anyone done this and knows companies that do it?
  15. S

    wago connecters

    hi I need to blank off 2 double sockets in a room that is going to be used as a bathroom. would 24 amp rated wago connecters be suitable to use . thanks stuart
  16. G

    Wiring - replace electronic dimmer with switch

    Morning, happy new year. My electronic dimmers are not rated for LED bulbs so I bought a switch to replace it, and figure could then replace the halogen bulb (with transformer of course). In the dimmer there are 2 brown wires going into L and and 1 brown wire going into a curvy cross which the...
  17. O

    New cooker switch light not working, loose wire?

    Hi, I recently had a new cooker switch installed, the day after he installed it the red light on top stopped working. I am slightly worried there may be a loose wire; the cooker still powers up so the switch is doing it’s job. Should I be concerned or is it most likely to be just the bulb?
  18. Louannet124

    Light fitting fell down from ceiling

    Hi everyone Hope someone can help... I went in to the dining room earlier to discover that the ceiling light fitting had fallen down, looks like the wire has snapped or possibly burnt? Never had an issue with it before but it’s an old house. When it fell it tripped the fuse and I haven’t...
  19. N

    UFH 40m2

    A customer has asked for a quote for a garage conversion, one of the requests is to have underfloor heating, the problem is that they have asked for the electric mat system and the area is 40m2. is that even possible with the load on the wiring. it seems like a lot of cable under the floor. also...
  20. K

    Lighting Help needed urgently

    hi I want to take a feed from my consumer unit in the shed to a double light switch then to two lights. one switch for the first light and the second switch for the other light. I just cant seem to find the wiring diagram for this. https://photos.app.goo.gl/quKzu2R1kxwHSvNx8 thanks in advance...