1. G

    How to smooth top of tiles (don't want trim)

    I've recently had these tiles installed, and would like to smooth the top somehow so I can then paint the top the same colour as the wall (I do not want to use tile trim). The tiles are quite 'rugged' hence the jagged line. I've applied primer. What's the best product / process for smoothing...
  2. O

    How to prevent filled plasterboard ceiling screws popping again (Ed.)

    I'm not sure how to describe this quickly (sorry): We had a lot conversion done. After a time (quite a long time - don't remember how long exactly) a number of holes popped out - where the plaster board was screwed into the rafters. I assumed this was fairly 'normal' settling of the new...
  3. Greg_0ry1

    What filler to use on top of foam?

    What filler can I use on top of foam? After we bought our house I realised that parts of the filling on the site of the window was loose so two years later I finally managed to get every loose original filling out and filled it with foam but want to have now a smooth finish so I can finish it...
  4. goldielocks

    Plaster repair prep for Gardz before emulsion painting

    Hi Recently fell victim to a cowboy skimmer who used Thistle Multifinish & intend to use Gardz as no doubt there will be PVA through the plaster knowing my luck. Taking no chances hence the Gardz. I will then apply Johnstones black WB matt emulsion. I intend to patch/repair scratches in...
  5. R

    How should I plaster over this pipe?

    There is a plastic pupe running up the corner of my living room that is chased into the dot and dab wall, it was almost at the surface at the top and caused a big crack. I’ve repaired the crack for now with toupret filler but I’m wondering if there is a stronger method I can use where it is very...
  6. bettz1

    Best way to repair gap between sockets

    What would be the best way to repair the gap between a double socket and fuse socket the plaster has fallen out. I'm sure I repaired it before using ronseal ready mixed filler,but the gaps quite large and I had trouble getting the filler to stay in line between the plugs. I've got some...
  7. R

    Does this need filler or just sandpaper before I paint and varnish?

    Bottom of front door has had varnish worn away. The wood seems hard enough but on the fixed threshold bit there are grooves. Can this be filled with filler before painting? Or would appropriate paint be enough after sandpapering? I'm not a DIYer but money is tight at the moment so I'm hoping...
  8. bettz1

    How to deal with a screw pop

    Hi we've a few of these around the house and I think there called screw pops? What's the best way to deal with these,as I'm wondering if I fill over them will they just come back again? Is it worth taking the screw out?
  9. R

    Large gap between stair and stringer

    I have a U turn staircase. There is a large gap (18mm) on one side between stringer and plasterboard wall, while the opposite side is cut about 12mm into the plasterboard. The gap is currently filled with foam, filler and caulk. Its uneven and cracked so I’ve removed the filler/caulk and raked a...
  10. A

    Oak Banister Filler showing through varnish

    Hi All, Had an oak banister installed by carpenter. He filled main bits with this Ronseal light oak filler. Said i had to do the rest as they dont fill every hole. Anyways i brought the same filler and started filling any holes etc. Sanded it back and applied Ronseal Light Oak Satin Varnish...
  11. Kburrito

    Best way patching holes in plaster (on indoors brick)?

    Hey everyone, Long story short, I got two big patches of plasterboard ripped out either side of the chimney breqst builders opening. I plan to use Thistle base coat (hardwall) into the large patches. After that I plan to apply multifinish coat. Is that okay? Should I also cover the small...
  12. B

    Good Quality Reliable Crack Filler

    Hi all, I have been researching plaster and plasterboard wall filler for a number of cracks in my house, some ranging from hairline to wider cracks (around 3 to 6mm, due to settlement after renovating an old house). The web is a wash with different types, all with a mix of reviews. So, I have...
  13. F

    Chipped Vinyl Kitchen Cabinet door

    HI. I have a vinyl covered Kitchen cabinet door where the vinyl has lifted from the board and the pieces have snapped off. I intend to stick the Vinyl back using contact adhesive. Then I'd like to fill the chips and respray but does anyone have any idea what sort of filler I should use for this...
  14. A

    external upvc window sealant gaps

    Hey all, House is around 5yrs old and whilst up fitting christmas lights a few months ago I noticed some pretty big gaps and poor sealant around my 1st floor windows. The windows are always cold, when windy you can feel wind and the cold air from them so I want to solve this. Photo attached...
  15. H

    Conflicting information - Filling

    Hello, I’m about to start some light renovation work which includes filling settlement cracks and gaps in a new build and I’m looking for the correct products for the job. I’ve watched quite a few videos and read a few threads but still confused as to which filler is best. I know everyone has...
  16. A

    Painting Disaster

    Hi All, Had the house replastered recently. Due to bright white led downlights i could see imperfections. Anyways few rooms filled with easi fill and Tourpet decorators skim. Sanded them smooth. Wiped down the surfaces. Spot primed filled areas. Firstly with wateree down emulsion. Then zinsser...
  17. D

    Bonding filler to gloss paint

    I have several strips to fill on an interior window casing and sill [new window frame slimmer that old frame]. One side of each strip filled needs to be feathered onto gloss paint. To help it bond I will course sand the paint, BUT what is the best single part filler to use to give a long term...
  18. J

    Repair a wider cut off around electric box. Best method.

    I done some dob and dab and on few occasion the cut off for the electrical box is wider than the cover plate and can see the box. What would be the best and strong way to make good around it? Thanks
  19. I

    Gyproc EasiFill 60 sanding problem

    I recently discovered Gyproc EasiFill 60 and was initially impressed with it. Later, however, I got used to seeing tiny holes after sanding it. Is this a common problem? Is there a way of avoiding it? I have two theories. Maybe my sanding is dislodging filler or maybe I introduce bubbles when...
  20. G

    Stain on joining wall just below porch roof

    Water appears to be getting into our house causing a stain on the joining wall of our semi detached house. The wall is never wet or damp to the touch, but the stain has been gradually working it's way down the wall becoming more noticeable. Inside - you'll see the stain on the joining property...