1. J

    Concrete floor advice

    Hi, new to forum and seeking some advice/ guidance. I have a concrete floor and have removed skirting. However it appears the concrete floor was poured after the skirting so I have now have a small gap around the perimeter of the room. Deeper than 5mm (so am thinking self levelling compound...
  2. T

    Need help with uneven concrete floor

    Hello, before installing LVT I need to even out the concrete floor but it's difficult how I should proceed.. Should I use self levelling compound or concrete + sand?? Thank you The first picture - 2 to 4mm gap between lounge and dining room The second picture - 8 to 12 mm gap between kitchen...
  3. O

    Dampening / stabilising washing machine on 2nd floor

    My previous Bosch washing machine gave up after about 12 years, so I've bought a new one. This one seems to shake / wobble / vibrate a lot more. It's not 'walking' or banging, but I imagine it can't be good for either the washing machine or the floor. I have removed the transit bolts and plastic...
  4. B

    Problem with tongue and groove floor

    My lounge was fitted with high-quality engineered wood flooring. The floor was laid on an acoustic underlay and each board is firmly locked side, back and front to adjacent boards by tongue and grooves. After less than a year, one of the boards developed a bulge at its edge, which became raised...
  5. S

    Waste pipe through floor - best approach?

    With reference to the photos, I have solvent weld pipe coming out of the floor and need to adjust it as it is too far from the wall and will foul on the new units. Previously, they just hacked the units to get the pipework to fit! First question is whether I should just move the pipe and bring...
  6. A

    Rotten joist and sill beam repair advice

    Hello After taking up a floorboard over a springy section of floor I have found 3 partially rotten joists ( last 4 inches or so) and most rotten of all the beam they sit on (i believe called a sill beam?). I am thinking to use bower beams to rectify and repair the joist ends. Any advice...
  7. S

    Celotex on the floor

    Hi All, I hope you are doing well. I have about 32mm space before I have to cut the doors. I have 8mm laminate floor ready but I want to lay some Celotex. The concrete floor has a DPM already so I can put Celotex straight on top of it. Initially I though about putting 15mm Celotex so I can fit...
  8. S

    Extending floor joists

    Hi Guys, I'm removing my planked floor and replacing it all with 18mm plywood. I'm then going to add decoupling membrane to tile over. I've come into a little snag where some of the floor joists don't go to the end of the room. Pic below: What is the best way of extending these to the edge...
  9. B

    Raising Bedroom Floor - Guidance

    I've got carpet in my bedroom. It looks tatty and I'm thinking of taking the opportunity to get rid and replace with a solid wood floor. Under the carpet and underlay is what looks like a chipboard subfloor. However...the bedroom floor is a bit lower than the floor of my hallway (wooden floor...
  10. C

    How to fill the gap between hearth and floating engineer floor?

    I want to fill the gap between a slate hearth, and a floating engineered oak wooden floor. We have a wood burner, and ash has a tendency to find its way into the gap. How should the gap be filled please? Thanks
  11. Yossari

    Lifting 120 year old floor and insulating - Bit lost...need help!

    Im in the process of lifting my floors and removing the slag/burnt rock insulation. There is a layer of whitish plaster which I assume is horsehair between the joists. Is this just to keep the slag in or is there some other reason. Ive also got a sickly sweet smell coming from the floor. I guess...
  12. C

    Insulating suspended timber floor ‐ do i need to do the lot?

    So, I'm looking at insulating my floors. 1980's Bungalow, suspended timber floor. Cost is a bit of an issue at the moment, and I'm wondering if there's any reason not to do the primary living areas first (Bedroom and Living room), then revisiting next year to install insulation under the floor...
  13. K

    Insulation of ginnel ceiling/floor.

    Hi. Hope you are all well. Got a problem and can’t stop thinking about it, so would like to pick your brains! I’m laying tiles in bathroom which is just above ginnel. Before overboarding realised the whole thing is uninsulated so air from outside can easily make its way straight under the...
  14. 0

    Perfecting a floating floor

    Hi, Keen not to cowboy this part of my build so looking for some advice. Seems impossible to find anything on school of youtube but maybe i'm using the wrong terms. Room is small, so 2.1m x 4m. Will be used as an office/gaming room. Desk and a sofa will be the heavy furniture. Floor...
  15. CCoomber

    Replace suspended timber floor with concrete?

    Hi everyone, So I'm working on my own house and the plan is to install water based underfloor heating for the downstairs. Currently I have a suspended timber floor which appears to be in good condition (if not 100% level), I was wondering cost-wise if I'm prepared to do most of the work myself...
  16. S

    Cutting into concrete floor - cables and pipes etc

    I wasn't sure which forum to post this under, but my problem is to do with installing underground soil pipes which I guess is a builder's job. I am installing a new ground floor toilet that is located several metres from the existing foul water drain, and the new toilet will also be in the...
  17. P

    Single skin detached garage insulation & flooring

    I'd like to insulate my (concrete) garage floor. It's single skinned so I will seal the concrete (1st coat sealant, 2nd coat sealant + SBR). I will then use tanking slurry on the walls (1st coat slurry + SBR, 2nd coat just slurry). I expect a little slurry left over so I will use that to re-coat...
  18. W

    Level step riser

    I need to make a step flush in my new extension as shown in the attached dodgy sketch. The recess is about 40mm deep, 700mm wide and the step about 150mm high (I need to measure). I plan to use c24 timber to make it level but my question is what to fix it with? Engineered flooring is going on...
  19. C

    Help for worn flooring

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice for my flooring from anyone who knows about this stuff. Are there any methods of recuperating these worn out floorboards that you would suggest? Any tools/techniques? Or, are they past the state of recovery? I'm doing this on behalf of my parents under the...
  20. D

    Does all D4 glue set in 10 minutes?

    Gluing & screwing ply sheets down to CLS, Toolstation has some cheap (cheaper than Egger) D4, but 10 minutes? Is there a good slower option?