1. S

    Bangs in the middle of the night!

    Some while back I took the ensuite apart and removed the floor as it was poor quality chipboard, slightly sagging and definitely not straight! I then straightened up the joists and added a number of noggins where the joints will be for the plywood floor and said new floor is now laid, but not...
  2. Z

    Underfloor heating pump wiring

    Hello everyone, i have installed underfloor heating, and cant figure out how to wire manifold pump so that it only turns on with the heating on and not with hot tap water it is a ideal logic + combi 30 boiler. Anyone know if its even possible?
  3. ClearlyIDontKnow

    Flooring advice for a noob

    Hey all, DIY noob here! Second floor flat in a converted house, currently has stripped open floor boards. Right now there is no insulation between the joists, just empty space. I was going to add rockwool, but before I do wanted to check, should there be space between the rockwool and the...
  4. G

    How can I check woodwork under floor

    Hi, I have an old house around 1910 I think. I can't see any access hatch to crawl space - would it normally be behind the front door? That is tiled,. If I want to know the condition of joists etc what is the best way? Is it some specialist survey? Thanks
  5. L

    Pine floors - how to finish??

    Hi everyone Recently sanded back our pine floorboards and got a beautiful look, however once we applied Osmo Polyx Raw it all went a bit wrong - it left a white sheen. Have since read you should ignore their advice and not just leave it but buff it and remove excess to avoid this happening -...
  6. Chendy

    Something to place beneath new built wall so when wall removed leaves no marks on floor?

    I am getting a polished concrete floor. After it is finished I will be rebuilding a small dense concrete block partition wall. However, it is likely I will take this wall down at some point. I don't want staining/marking on the polished floor should I ever remove this wall. So thinking of...
  7. K

    One of the lamnate boards in middle of hallway is unsupported underneath

    Laminate floor board springs up and down. I did not fit it and have no idea who did. Cannot realistically lift floor from edges to support underneath as out of time. I think either the board was butted wrong way round without tounge into groove, ie slotted in wrong way, or groove has collapsed...
  8. doesitmatter

    Damp under concrete floor? Or cold soil?

    After a leak in the shower and horrible mould, I stripped everything back to the suspended timber floor and found that the adjoining room, the kitchen, has a concrete floor. It appears there's no DPM under the concrete floor and the soil/sand under the concrete floor feels wet, though less wet...
  9. Sunjat

    How to fit T&G floorboards which meet in the middle of the joist notching

    Hello fellow forum users, Quick question for experienced carpenters/builders out there. My floor boards currently meet right in the middle of where joist notching is. What's the best way of fitting the t&g floorboards in my case, so these don't sag and bend the copper pipes then walked on...
  10. C

    Insulating a bedroom floor from below?!

    Hi all, I have a 1960s bedroom extension above a very cold garage below, in my 1930s semi. Looks like the people who put the bedroom extension in didn't bother insulating the floor... so it's freezing in winter and no doubt massively leaking heat! The bedroom has stripped and polished...
  11. L

    2nd floor flat, concrete floor disintegrating

    I have a 1960s 2nd floor flat. Removed old carpet tiles from the kitchen to find what I would say are quite significant cracks and deterioration. In parts it seems the concrete is disintegrating as can be seen in the last photo which was taken after some light brushing and makes me think it’s...
  12. fatmcgav

    Engineered Oak flooring splitting

    Hey there We purchased and installed engineered oak flooring as part of our living room renovation a bit over 12 months ago. The flooring was installed over a screeded wet UFH system using Bona R848 Flexible wood adhesive. The screed was given plenty of time to dry before we installed the...
  13. J

    Kitchen Floor Mess

    I am somewhat out of my depth with a house renovation and would massively appreciate some advice regarding the kitchen floor... There has been subsidence at some point in the house and the concrete kitchen floor was uneven to the tune of around 50mm from high end to low end. I ripped off the...
  14. J

    latex flooring with warm water UFH

    Hi, I've been a plumber (not heating engineer) for 9 years now and finally bought my first home. As my first project, I decided to install a warm water UFH system. I've decided on Mapei Latexplan Trade for the screed which will be aprox 20mm thick. The data sheet states max 11mm per coat...
  15. M

    Condensation damaged laminate flooring

    Hi, I moved in a a rented flat in a newly constructed building 2 weeks ago. There is a laminate flooring in the flat. In the utility room, there is an interrupter that reads "Extraction". This interrupted was set to off and the landlord didn't mention it when I moved in, I didn't even know it...
  16. M

    10mm or 14mm hard wood flooring

    I have the option to buy a herringbone wood floor I have seen in two thickness options 10mm or 14mm (about £150 more). Which would be better? Most likely I will be doing a floating fit, tongue and groove, as it has 2 underlays (duralay and sound proof vinyl).
  17. D

    Support spacings below 8'x4'x18mm ply substrate?

    The ply substrate is for a click vinyl surface. the cls frame will be sat on rubber pads or low level decking pedestals on rubber pads (on a membrane) I was thinking of using a stud type support framework so that ply edges have landings along their full length? So does the usual 400mm joist...
  18. B

    Water under flooring

    I recently realized I can hear water sloshing around when I put pressure (IE walking) over the flooring near where the front porch meets the main house. House was built in 2015, floor is concrete base with layer of plywood then Amtico (decent quality sealed flooring) glued on top. The house...
  19. M

    can I build my conservatory floor to the same height as internal house?

    Im in the process of preparing to lay a concrete floor in my newly built diy conservatory. I have a double french doors opening out into the conservatory. the doors have a upvc sill on them and just below that is the DPC for the house. My question is: can I raise the concrete conservatory floor...
  20. 8

    Joining stairs riser / nosing to wooden floor.

    Hello, What's the best way to cover the gap between the floor and the riser of the stairs, in particular, the radiused section of the stair risers. Some kind of timber moulding would be ideal, however, I am at a loss how to neatly cover the radiused section. Thankyou in advanced