1. L

    Shower leaking in corner

    Hi all So I noticed a leak in my en suite, and upon removing the sink unit that was up against the wall/shower glass (poor design), it uncovered a lot of wet and a mass of absolute bodge by whoever fitted it. The tiles don't meet the floor and there's gaps everywhere, i've cleaned it up but it...
  2. twildy

    Filling unsightly gap between tile trim and wall

    Hello, After the bathroom fitter left, I was left with an unsightly gap between the tile trim and the wall. Ranging from about 1-3mm. I tried to fill it with silicone but the finish was unsatisfactory so I removed it again. Should it be filled with a flexible grout instead? Cheers!
  3. A

    Am I being fussy about patio stones staining

    We've just had a new sandstone pathway installed up the side of the house and meeting the existing patio along with some patching around some removed brick planter and replacement of metal drain covers. I was aware we would never be able to match the existing stones exactly and it wouldn't be...
  4. J

    Grout a sandstone riven slab patio - What product to use? Help

    I Have to grout a patio wich has riven sandstone slab with 10/15mm gap. I understand dry mix sand cement does not work for this type of slab and brush in product would be ideally. I came across Sika fast fix but load of comments about failure and product coming loose apart to be very expensive...
  5. T

    What grout to buy for bathroom renovation?

    Hi, we are renovating our family bathroom and the tiler is currently fitting tiles on both floor and walls. I now need to buy the grout for the tiler. Our tile joints are 2-3mm. He said to just go to Topps Tiles and buy their grouting as it is good. But I wanted to see if that's actually good...
  6. U

    Fast point or grout for porcelain slabs outside?

    I've just been asked by my builder whether I want Fast Point or grout in-between the newly laid porcelain slabs (600x600x20) outside. I asked about the differences and he said that Fast Point was easier to put in and so cheaper. He said that he'd enquired in the shop and Fast Point was fine for...
  7. P

    How to remove grout from floor

    Hi, I've spent the last week taking up old floor tiles in my kitchen, about 100 in total. It was a really tough job as they were impossible to get up. I hired a medium breaker to help with the job. I now have old adhesive at various levels across the kitchen. What is the most efficient way to...
  8. M

    HELP! External Grout

    Hi everyone, I am putting some porcelain tiles in the garden, on the floor, but also some against a wall (vertically). The tile shops have advised me to use this type of grout...
  9. K

    Removing tile grout from around copper pipe

    Previous occupants made a right dogs dinner of tiled bathroom floor, with great globs of grout around the base of the pipes coming up to the radiator. Worried my multi-tool grout remover will go through the pipe too! Could anyone kindly suggest a way to rake away the grout without risking...
  10. D

    Batten or grout internal masonry wall to take Aquapanel?

    I was going to grout 6mm Aquapanels to a single leaf rendered breeze wall behind a new bath, I really don't have much space (not enough for CLS) but I might just squeeze some planed in if preferred. Thank you.
  11. dannewlands

    Painting tiles before grouting

    Hey all, I'm in the middle of tiling my kitchen, simple splashback around the counters. I'm not overly happy with the colours now I see it up and I'm wondering if I should stop and paint the tiles with Ronseal before grouting? Do you think this would work well? I'm thinking it would look better...
  12. C

    Damp behind tiles, best course of action?

    Hey all, After noticing a damp patch by the skirting board on the landing floor, which is just the other side of the shower wall/bathroom, I realised that there were hairline cracks through the grout in the lower tiles towards the bath. Bummer. I chased the grout out of the tiles at the...
  13. S

    Grout shading

    Hi I’ve just started to grout my tiles with mapei charcoal grout and have noticed that there are a couple of areas where it has dried lighter. I’m not a tiler just a diyer. Mixed the grout with clean water as per instructions until creamy, left a couple of mins and mixed again. I finished my...
  14. J

    How to install and box out a beam under extension roof. (1)

    I`m going to remove an internal partition between my extension and need to stick a 152x89 beam to help support the flat joist roof. Engineers confirmed that 152x89 is more than enough. Do I need some sort of spreading plate or grout? How do I install it? when the beam is in place how I will...
  15. I

    Can't clean tiles after bathroom refub

    Hi, I had my bathroom refurb done including new tiles. Once the bathroom was complete we did not clean the tiles as there was other work happening in the house. We have just got around to cleaning the white tiles, but there are so many marks still visible on the tiles and it looks like trovel...
  16. D

    Thickness (or depth) of floor tiles inc. grout.

    I'm putting a horned threshold(cill) in the bottom of a new door frame, because there's a step down from the hallway. And I'd like tiles in the hall, to back of cill. Do 330x300 floor tile thicknesses vary much? What is standard grout thickness? I need to set the cill top at the right...
  17. M

    Floor tiling - Dot and Dab?

    We had a new kitchen installed before last summer and have now realised that our “builder” may have used the dot and dab technique when laying our porcelain floor tiles. The tiles are 600 x 600 and we’ve noticed that upon tapping some of the corners, there is a hollow sound; In other words, no...
  18. S

    Wrong grout colour

    Hi, Just got the bathroom tiled up and grouted - it looks like we picked up the wrong colour grout - we wanted to put Mapei 110 Manhatten grey (light grey grout with some light coloured tiles) but somehow managed to pick a darker shade (113) and only realised once it had all been done and the...
  19. P

    remove grout on tiles

    hi, i had to remove the grout between tiles cause didn't like the colour. that created some small scratches on the tile surface. Then my builder grouted the whole area without asking me first. The tiles are gloss white, the grout grey. Unfortunately the small scratch areas are now filled with...
  20. A

    Hairline cracks in grout

    Hi In May 2017 we had an extension including an en-suite, however last month when cleaning the shower, a pool of water formed on the floor. This may have happened before but we had a box next to the shower. I moved the box and it was soaking underneath. I then noticed the walls were wet at each...