hive heating

  1. Z

    Danfoss FP7898/FP715 to Hive Replacement

    Hey, Looking for some advice with fitting hive, replacing my Danfoss FP7898/FP715. I’ve pulled the programmer off and looked at the wiring and each connector has cables in apart from ports 1 and 2. I have a boiler with separate water tank so require the 2 channel hive. I’ve attached the photo...
  2. Hanbry1

    Hive Install

    Hi, I have today wired up the Hive thermostat, receiver and hub. Connected up the wires how they were on the old receiver and now the boiler is not working. Works from the main thermostat to receiver, but doesn’t action the boiler. Have now taken off the plate on the boiler and can see...
  3. Z

    Help! Hive Installation - Worcester Bosch greenstar heatslave ii 18/25

    Hi All, I have been given a Hive 2 With Dual Channel Receiver. I would like to use it with my Worcester Bosch Greenstar Heatslave ii 18/25 After reading around online I am aware that the single receiver version should be used for Combi boilers. However it can also be seen a Dual Channel...
  4. nateraine

    hive heating won't turn on Keston C30 Combi Boiler HELP!!

    Hi everyone I recently had a new boiler installed (Keston C30 Combi) with the Hive Active Heating Thermostat. I haven't used the heating till today as it was summer so I switched my boiler from summer mode to winter mode. When I turn my heating up on my thermostat it says its turn on and...
  5. I

    Hive Dual reciever & combi boiler

    i have Valiant Ecotech pro 24 ( 2011 ) model boiler and Hive dual receiver i wired up however heating wont switch off i assume its because of wiring and its not controlling boiler. my old relay box to wireless thermostat was wired up like picture attached. the Hive Reciever is wired up with...
  6. Seb Pole


    I am currently looking at installing a HIVE Active heating control unit to replace a Danfoss TP5. I currently have a 3 core and earth cable running to the existing heating controls (battery powered unit) I have attached my existing wiring diagram and the HIVE wiring diagram. Please also see...
  7. R

    Hive Wiring :(

    I’ve just purchased Hive and after reading instructions am a bit dazzled as to the wiring for an old WR1 receiver and UP2 programmer. Can anyone explain how I link out either the timer/receiver? There is also a wireless room stat but I’m guessing just decommission by removing the batteries. Any...
  8. W

    Hive Heating and Hot Water Installed but now heating won't switch off.

    Hi, I have recently upgraded to a Hive thermostat and hot water. System seems to work great when using app and schedule and thermostat, the heating turns on and the lights on the receiver come on to green for hot water and heating and switch off, however the heating does not and radiators...
  9. N

    Upgrading to Hive

    Hi, Can anyone help with the wiring of my EP6002 programmer to Hive? I also want to remove the old thermostat and wires Thank you Vin
  10. R

    Hive frost protection

    I have installed Hive but I want to improve the frost protection because there are lagged pipes in the loft which is much colder than the house. Does anyone see any reason why I should not connect the froststat across the 'live' and 'CH on' terminals on the Hive backplate? This should mean that...
  11. S

    Siemens thermostat to Hive Active Heating wiring help

    Hello, We just moved into a new house that has a Siemens therm installed on a Glow worm combi boiler. It works fine but I find it really complicated to programme so want to switch to a Hive as the prices are down for 'black Friday' sales. Before I install I just want to doublecheck the wiring...
  12. U

    Honeywell to Hive

    Hi all, I've just got a Dual channel Hive receiver, which i want to use on my Combi Boiler (no hot water controls) and i could use a little help with the wiring as it appears as though the single channel version is what i should have gotten. Here is a pic of the hive instructions and my...
  13. poshram

    Hive multizone heating control

    Does any one have any ideas if adding another Hive Active Heating™ thermostat and receiver to my existing hub means that the thermostat and receiver have to be installed as a pair unit (meaning each other knows about its MAC or identity code?) or I have to buy the official hive multizone kit? I...
  14. M

    Worcester Bosch Greenstar R35 thermostat wiring

    I have just moved into a new house that has a Worcester Bosch Greenstar R35 combi boiler. There is no thermostat at present and I wanted to wire in my British Gas Hive The boiler manual and hive manual state that only the Worcester TR2 can be used on this boiler. Does anyone have a workaround?
  15. S

    Hive thermostat with boilermate

    I currently have a boilermate thermal hot water store with a glow worm boiler. The control for the heating is a basic grasslin timer and I would like to replace this with the hive heating only receiver as the boilermate controls the hot water supply currently. I have attached a picture of the...
  16. H

    Disconnecting old thermostat so boiler keeps boiling.

    Hello... I've spent ages looking at this and cannot figure it out. I have replaced my old boiler timer for a Hive Wireless. The replacement was simple the old timer pulled off and the new one fitted on the old faceplate. I set it all up and it's great! But my reason for replacing it in the...
  17. L

    From Honeywell to Hive, with a Worcester Greenstar...

    Hi all, I'm getting mixed information about a couple of things, wonder if someone can help iron this out. I have just received a dual channel Hive Heating & Hot water system. I have a combi boiler (Worcester Greenstar 42CDi). Do I need to send the Hive back and get the single channel system...
  18. O

    Hive 2 installation decommision old thermostat

    Hi Any suggestions how to rewire this backplate to remove the old wired thermostat please? Im replacing it with the Hive 2, but with the old thermostat wired into what appears to be on the heating on and hotwater on (is that normal??) positions (3 and 4) it cant obviously turn the heating and...
  19. P

    Hive heating wiring

    Hi please help. I've just brought a hive heating controller and want to wire it to my baxi 105e boiler. I'm going to use a piece of 5 core flex , thanks Pete
  20. B

    Hive Receiver Wiring

    Hi, I am looking to install Hive on my Combi boiler. I have an existing fused spur next to the boiler which was previously used for something else and is no longer used. For neatness I was planning to use this to supply the Hive receiver, instead of running a cable from the boiler for mains...