From Honeywell to Hive, with a Worcester Greenstar...

5 Dec 2015
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

I'm getting mixed information about a couple of things, wonder if someone can help iron this out.

I have just received a dual channel Hive Heating & Hot water system. I have a combi boiler (Worcester Greenstar 42CDi). Do I need to send the Hive back and get the single channel system?

If it'll work with the dual channel receiver, I could do with some help on the wiring; I currently have a Honeywell CM927 controller but not sure which connections go where... Hopefully the pic will help!

Thanks in advance :)


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We don't fit Hive because...well, it's not very impressive. Typical BG, last to market, out of date when it arrives.

The 42CDi does not have an external HW on/off connection, so you can't use it in two channel mode.

Assuming it's a relatively recent boiler, send the Hive back and buy a Worcester WAVE. That will do the CH. HW, work out how much gas you are using for either, do weather compensation, adjust the modulation of the boiler.........and is a simple two wire connection.
How's it last to market when it had HW control over a year before Nest did? :ROFLMAO:.

Hive is great, had it a while. You CAN use dual channel if you don't want to send it back, just leave the HW connection with no wire to it. Your app will show HW control but just leave it set to off and it will never do anything while the CH works as normal. Alternatively single channel would be better if you can be bothered.
Heatmiser, Honeywell, Worcester, the list goes on.

How can you 'use' dual channel, but leave the wire off?
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Heatmiser, Honeywell, Worcester, the list goes on.

How can you 'use' dual channel, but leave the wire off?
Because the only difference is the reciever has 2 connections and 2 outputs instead of 1. The HW one can simply be left not used. There's no price difference between them and no detriment to the CH by using the wrong reciever.
I was referring to your written description rather than the technical implementation
Thanks guys.... so I guess I can use it and ignore the hot water channel....

In that case, how's it wired to the dual channel receiver? Any ideas about what connects to what, based on the existing honeywell?
One of the black cables going to A or B on the 927 will go to term 4 on the Hive. The other should be made safe (conn block or IDC term or similar). If you don't have a multimeter, trial and error will do, but it is not the permanently Live one when the boiler is connected to 230v.

L & N from the 927 BDR goes to the same Hive terminals.

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