led lighting

  1. A

    Cable size outdoor LED flood

    Hi, I have a cable hanging down outside the house from under soffit for outdoor lights but no lights were ever fitted until now. I want to attach 3x 20 W LED floods to this cable spread along the width of house - approx 15m. The shop I bought the lights in gave me an off cut of 0.75mm H05RN...
  2. C

    LED Light Adapter

    Hi, I wonder if anybody can help me, I have tv cabinet led lights and they are no longer working. I believe it is this adapter has failed but can’t find a replacement anywhere. Des anybody have any ideas the name of it. Or where I can get a replacement from?
  3. B

    Replaced extractor fan, Now bathroom lights don't switch off but dim

    The original fan was ceiling mounted with integral humidistat (Vent Axia Lo carbon). The ducting from the original fan was crushed in the ceiling void and did not work effectively. the fan ran continuously to try unsuccessfully to get the humidy down to the desired level (our bathroom has no...
  4. S

    How do I know what type of transformer I have?

    Apologies if this is a dumb question! I need a new dimmer switch, and figured I may as well upgrade to one that's compatible with LED bulbs (the previous dimmer was used with halogen bulbs). The Varilight V-Pro JQP401W seems to have good reviews. However, when checking the specifications I...
  5. L

    Replacement LED unit for Aurora DLM982PC

    Hi, I've recently moved into a new house and it looks like the previous owners used very cheap and nasty LED lights. I've identified via another thread one set of replacements for downlights and now I'm after another please. The part is Aurora AU DLM982PC and on their website they are showing...
  6. bird_egg

    Battery LED Lights

    Hello, Is there a way I can join four identical sets of LED outside lights into one battery transformer, if so what would I be looking to get in terms of Volts Watts. On each of the battery packs it says: 192 LED Outdoor Battery Lights Battery Type = 3 X AA Lamp: 3V/0.06W Non replaceable LED...
  7. R

    LED strip from existing sconce light feed

    Evening Chums, First post on here so please be gentle... As description; I had two awful sconce lights either side of my chimney breast. I needed to re-plasterboard the wall so i took the opportunity to remove them. In their place I screwed a junction box between the stud and extended the LNE...
  8. P

    How many Downlights do I need

    Afternoon all, we are trying to work out how many down lights we need for our new extension. We have looked at various websites but get conflicting information. The room is approximately 11ft X 15ft with a height of 7ft, the room has a steel across the center to support the joists. We have...
  9. G

    Kitchen LED lights start to flicker when i isolate the extractor fan

    I am replacing the extractor fan in the kitchen. It has a fused isolator switch. When i switched it off to be able to get to the extractor fan safely, the 8 LED ceiling lights start to flicker. Switch the isolator back on again and flicker stops! There is no dimmer on the LED lights, just an...
  10. P

    Convert Halogen fitting to LED

    I want to change a couple of light fittings in our hall from Halogen to LED so we can get bright white bulbs to brighten it up a bit rather than the dull yellow halogens. The current light fittings are driven by Kaoyi KTB-60 and the fittings take 6 x 10W G4 halogen bulbs. We don't want to buy...
  11. W

    Replacing fluorescent battens - best option/s?

    I have a couple of windowed small office type rooms - maybe 10 ft x 12ft for the biggest one, lit with 2 double 6ft fluorescent battens. The smaller room has a single 6ft batten fitting. Price, looks, utility and effort are the main factors here. Looks are a little more important for the smaller...
  12. C

    Under cabinet LEDs running too hot?

    Sorry, this isn't strictly DIY but I thought people here might know. I recently had a new kitchen installed. The cabinets have 2.6W Sycamore LEDs recessed into the undersides to cast light over the worktop. However, I soon noticed that the insides of the cabinets were getting pretty hot when the...
  13. T

    Change the bulb in my LED spots

    Hi, One of the LED spots in my kitchen has gone (after only 4-5 years?) I'm trying to replace the 'bulb' but I can't see how, it looks like the whole fitting needs replacing, which is just insane. Make/model: AURORA AU-FRLD913. Images below:
  14. S

    Is there a better way? - 2 or 4 Channel Light controller

    Anyone know a better way to do this.. I have the following set up in my kitchen either side of the hob and extractor: Left: 1 x Cupboard Spot (12V DC LED, 2W), and 1 x Cupboard Strip (12V DC LED 15W) Right: 1 x Cupboard Spot (12V DC LED, 2W), and 1 x Cupboard Strip (12V DC LED 15W) On both...
  15. eveares

    Benefits of Induction Lighting against LED's?

    Just wondering what benefits is their of induction lighting these days and why do some buildings use it, such as the Philips induction lighting that is used to light up the faces of the Great Clock of the palace of Westminster (Aka Big Ben). The article below lists several benefits of induction...
  16. eveares

    "Replacing Non-Dimmable LED's with Dimmable LED's due to No Earth" - Not my Words!

    Just a quick post that some on here may find amusing. The other day I replaced the non-dimmable LED light bulbs in the living room and downstairs hallway with dimmable counterparts as they can be used with automated Z-Wave switches what don't require a neutral connection. (Hallway and Living...
  17. A

    V-Pro LED dimmer problem

    First ever post on here - hello everyone :-) I've just installed varilight V-Pro LED dimmers in two bedrooms in my flat, the LEDs installed in both rooms are the same and I've wired both dimmer switches the same way. Problem: the dimmer in one bedroom works, but in the other room the light...
  18. M

    Under Cupboard Glow

    Fitted new kitchen cabinets. Want to have a low light glow under them but nothing bright..Just to add a little splash as kitchen dull in a few places. Mains or battery under cabinet leds ive see seem a bit bright. Anyone know something not expensive and only small glow?. I know there are stick...
  19. R

    30w 3000k LED floodlight (with and without PIR)

    Just moved in to a new house and noticed 3 floodlights need replacing. All are currently on halogens 300-500w. Where can i buy 30w LED floodlights that provide a warm white colour, so 3000k? I need 1 that can be wired to an existing PIR (LAP), and 2 that ideally come with a PIR. I've looked...
  20. eveares

    RGB Strip Light with Fibaro RGB Controller Project

    I Installed 1.4 Meters worth of RGB LED strip light at the back of my desk a couple of months ago as I had some spare from the main qtx RGB strip light in my kitchen that I installed a few years ago. With my recent move to sell my outdated X10 Automation and to slowly invest in the Z-Wave and...