light bulb

  1. M

    Change bathroom light

    I am living in a rental apartment and one of the lights in my bathroom has started flickering. I went to change it but had difficulties with it. I have tried to remove the bulb I'm having issues with removing it from the ceiling. I have tried pushing and twisting but it only moves a quarter turn...
  2. E

    How to change this spotlight

    hi i know how to change regular spotlights on the ceiling but this one seems to be confusing me Do you have any idea or YouTube videos on how I can change that? thank you in advance!
  3. M

    Bulb melted socket after installing dimmer switch

    Hi all, I have a plain and simple 100w max light fitting in a spare room. I am just about to renovate it to be a nursery so thought it would be a good time to install a dimmer switch. The fitting originally had a 100w bulb which I found hummed a lot. After some googling I found this was not...
  4. D

    Soffit lighting with Philips Hue GU10

    Hi all, Looking at buying soffit downlights for my new workshop (work in progress) and would like them to use the Philips Hue GU10 bulbs - think I'll only need two (or three?), soffit is 2.5 meters. These are the Downlight and here are the Bulbs I would like to know if the bulbs would be safe...
  5. M


    Hello, Does anyone know how to change the bulb in this type of downlight fitting. I just couldn't figure it out. I've tried all sorts including twisting, pulling and nothing works. I've taken photos of it from every direction. Need help please.
  6. R

    Replacing bulb on a recessed spotlight

    Hello So I have watched nearly every youtube video on the subject and still can't figure this out. This is one of my ceiling's spotlights. The bulb has gone and needs replacing, but I can't figure out how to remove it. Apologies for the blurry picture- I have a tremor and it makes taking...
  7. C

    Help removing this light bulb

    I just moved into a new property and am embarrassingly unable to work out what kind of light bulb this is and how to remove it! If anyone recognises this bulb I would really really appreciate some help. Thank you.
  8. eveares

    TLC's Traffic Light bulbs - illegal or legal loophole?

    TLC according to their paper catalog appear to now be selling lamps intended for Traffic Signals and claiming it is a legal and suitable alternative to the incandescent light bulb ban by the EU. As quoted from page 144 of the March/April edition of the TLC catalogue: IMG_3880 by eveares posted...
  9. A

    How to change a bulb in bathroom

    Hi all, I have no idea how to change the bulbs in our bathroom and kitchen. I've attached some images of what it looks like, if you need it from another angle let me know. So far 2 (our of 4) have blown in then bathroom and 1 (out of 6) is blown in the kitchen. I've tried to twist the metal...
  10. F

    Damaged Ceiling Pendant?

    Hi I just replaced a light shade in one of my bedrooms. Unfortunately I was a bit heavy handed removing the old light shade (the pendant cable twisted a couple of times). After replacing the light shade the light is no longer working! I tried the bulb in another room and it worked, confirming...
  11. H

    LED Downlight faulty - Strobe effect

    Hi guys, I have five bathroom downlights. Four are working perfect, but one is faulty. After turning the light switch on, this faulty one is flashing/strobing really fast. It's like being in a nightclub. I've already replaced the led bulbs, but it still does the same. I'm not very...
  12. eveares

    Timeguard 24hr Immersion Timer and 70W HPS light?

    My granddad wants a 70W HPS lamp fitted under a big tree in his garden and so I have gone ahead and order the required parts. The key parts being a TimeGuard NTT01 24hr immersion timer, a Photocell, and of course the 70W HPS light fixture. Wired like so: Fused Spur > Timer > Photocell > HPS...
  13. eveares

    70W HPS bulb on 230V mains with No Ballast - Just trips the MCB :(

    So today I did a little experiment and thought I would see what would happen if one powered up a 70W HPS bulb with an internal ignitor directly on the 230v mains without using a ballast. Sadly not much happened other than a brief flash for a fraction of a second before the MCB for the circuit...
  14. R

    United Lights Plafon Mirror Flush Light - bulb changing!!

    I have this light in two rooms. The electrician needed two men to change bulb in one room. Now other bulb needs changing. I can't even begin to see how it comes apart, but I want to change it myself rather than calling someone in to do it! Does anyone have any experience of how this comes to...
  15. F

    Lightbulb fixing replacement?

    Hi The lightbulb holder in the bedroom has broken so the bulb doesn't stay screwed in. A bit of black plastic fell out, see photo attached. I need to get this replaced, how do I go about doing this. What's the actual part I need (part name?). And when it comes to replacing, is it a straight...
  16. G

    Help please with voltage fluctuations

    Hi folks, I am at my wits end with constantly replacing bulbs in my house. The reason they blow so quickly is, I think, due to voltage fluctuations. I suspect all circuits are affected, but I notice it in the lights as they all flicker (together) from time to time (every day) throughout the...
  17. M

    Light Bulb fuses house? Help required?!?

    I have a standard bedroom light (have replaced bulb several times with energy efficient bulbs) Every time I replace the bulb within a few days (sometime hours) the bulb will blow and it will blow the fuse wire for the lights (old fuse box) in the whole flat. I therefore need to replace the fuse...