low pressure

  1. C

    S Plan Vented converting to Unvented in Restricted Space

    I have a vented S Plan with a System Boiler stacked over the DHW Cylinder in a tight airing cupboard. The Cylinder is 1150 High and over it is a Vaillant Boiler. All is working perfectly with flow to a first floor shower just acceptable and we have plenty of stored hot water. But we are about to...
  2. C

    Boosting pressure for unvented cylinder (or stick to vented...)

    Hello all. [following is the edited version as apparently the original had too many words...]. My incoming supply is rubbish. I've looked into improving it through Thames Water and the management company of my flats, but I'm stuck with a little less than 1 bar (second floor flat), and a flow...
  3. V

    AEG Dishwasher Low Pressure Fault

    Hi I have an AEG dishwasher which fails with a i11, low water pressure fault, at the same point, halfway through (2 hours into a 4 hour wash) the ECO wash programme. it does this at no other time and on no other wash programme as far as I can tell. Does anyone know what is peculiar to the...
  4. R

    Worcester Bosch bolier low pressure

    I have a 7 year old Worcester Bosch boiler (not combi). I have recently bleed radiator which has meant a loss of pressure meaning that the hot water now won't heat up. I looked up various YouTube videos and mine doesn't have the have the same filling mechanism as all of the videos watched. Some...
  5. Sam Dalby

    Need help re-pressurising Combi Boiler!

    Hi all, Some great info on this forum. I need help repressuring an Ideal Independent Combi 30. Pressure has dipped below 1 and we have intermittent hot water that trickles out the taps. I understand that I need to turn the valves located on the flilling loop, however, I can't seem to find...
  6. N

    Worcester 30cdi boiler lost pressure but no manifold or key to top it up

    Hi there, I had to bleed one of our radiators last night due to it not getting warm for a while (and making a water rushing noise). After I did, when switching the heating back on the boiler pressure is at zero in the red, then the flow temperature on the screen goes from 25 degrees c to 99...
  7. G

    low pressure electric hot water cylinder, any ideas ?

    I have a fairly old electric water cylinder (maybe 80 litre) Im suddenly getting low pressure. Does anyone please have any idea for the possible cause ? Im thinking maybe rust is building up inside and os causing a blockage ? it doesnt have an expansion tank but I think has a pressure valve...
  8. O

    Low bar pressure glow worm 30c

    Hi! Please can someone give any tips on increasing the bar pressure? I can't find anything on the boiler version we have and I also can't find the loop that usually resolves this!
  9. H

    Is it OK to remove inlet NRVs from thermostatic bar mixer shower valve in gravity fed system?

    I have just changed my very old mixer for a Triton Pirlo thermostatic bar mixer shower (from Screwfix) but the flow/pressure is now barely acceptable. I've tried different shower heads including ones designed for low pressure systems with little improvement. The shower and hot water cylinder are...
  10. M

    Baxi 105e problem

    Hello all. Been babysitting an old Baxi105e for three years and it's not a disaster but a bit temperamental. Current niggle : first time in the day, the CH side only fires up if the Hot water is run at the tap first for a few minutes. On turning the hot tap off the CH smoothly takes over and...
  11. JayLee1988

    Main Combi 24 HE Low Pressure

    Hi, So i have a problem i was hoping some one here may be able to help with..My boiler as low pressure well in fact the dial is at zero...is raising the pressure something i should be able to do or should i call somebody out to look at it? The boiler as 3 Valves i can turn and the a silver metal...
  12. F

    Unable to identify filling loop

    I have been unable to identify the filling loop as there is no obvious external connection and I don't see any pairs of taps that I usually find on boilers. Many thanks in advance!
  13. S

    Potterton prima 50f boiler low pressure

    We've got a Potterton boiler with a hot water tank upstairs in an airing cupboard. Every year we close the valves on our radiators because they heat up even with the heating turned off. We've opened up the valves for the winter and tried bleeding the radiators but there's a lot of air in the...
  14. dpm_dpmartin

    Vaillant TURBOmax Plus - filling?

    I have been sent this picture of a Vaillant boiler where the pressure needle is down at the bottom. I advised my friend that it (obviously, doh!) needs re-filling and I superciliously (super-silly?) told my friend there should be something obvious on the underside... but - sadly - this picture...
  15. D

    Low shower Preasure on a combo boiler

    We have a Baxi 105e Instant and have just had a new mixer shower fitted. The only thing we have noticed is that the pressure on this seems low. Is there anything that can be done to improve this? I don’t think pumps are compatible with combis. I think the pressure is down slightly following...
  16. C

    Vaillant EcoMax 835/2 f25 and f32 faults

    Hi, Have bought a house and inherited a Vaillant EcoMax 835/2 boiler, about 10 years old. Seemed to be working at first. However it started to give f25 faults and now alternates between f25 and f32. You can clear the fault and then it might work, but sometimes it takes 3/4 attempts. When set...
  17. K

    Worcester Highflow 400 Electronic RSF

    Folks, Moved to new property about two years ago, where we have Worcester Highflow 400 Electronic RSF (originally installed ~2002) and looks there are some issues and was wondering if any experts around and able to check in Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire area. Here's what's happening... * Started...
  18. Awesome221

    What mixer shower for low hot pressure

    So when i run the tap the cold is powerful but the hot isn't. The tank for hot is in airing cupboard, what mixer shower preferably about £100 should i be looking at as i guess it will equal around 0.1 Bar pressure. Can anyone give me any suggestions. One thing i'm confused on Mira showers say...
  19. J

    Glow worm betacom 24A pressurise

    Hi we have moved into a new house snd one of the radiators needed bleeding.. i have bled the radiator but the the pressure has dropped to 0.4 , i have searched for a video or instructions on this model but ive had no joy. can any body shed some light .. i think its the black one but i wanted to...
  20. T

    Electric Shower Low Pressure - New Build

    Hi Guys, I have recently moved into a three storey brand new house. The top floor has an electric shower and when someone is using it, nobody can use any of the toilets or sometimes even turn on a tap because it means our electric shower will flash up 'low water pressure' and basically shut...