nest 3rd gen

  1. T

    Nest 3rd Generation Heat Link installation

    Hi, I'm trying to install a Nest Heat Link it to link to my Potterton Promax SL boiler, and worried I don't fully understand the wiring on the back of my old programmer! I figure it should be fairly straightforward to swap over from my old programmer to the Heat Link, from seeing similar...
  2. N

    I need some advice on installing a 3rd generation nest

    I have a grasslin tower chron QE2 and a mechanical Honeywell thermostat. Is it easy to fit the nest
  3. J

    Nest Heatlink in France Combi Boiler

    I am just about to replace my thermostat with a 3rd Gen Nest . I have a Franco Belge Idris Exclusive combi boiler , with a simple thermostat. But am struggling with the wiring on the Heatlink . I'm going wire the L and N (on the Heatlink) from the boiler no problem then bridge the L to 2 on...
  4. J

    nest with 3 port valve

    Hello All, I need a bit like guidance on how the nest should work on a Y-Plan setup. Had mine fitted by a certified nest installer. However for getting any real heating through the radiators I need to switch on the Water Heating as well, which is a bit strange. Also the rest position of the...
  5. D

    Yet another Nest fitted with Vaillant boiler thread... :)

    Hi all.... I think it's possible to fit a Nest to my Vaillant 828 Turbomax boiler but I'm pretty confused about the whole thing really and there are so many different threads about doing it, I'm even more confused. I must say THIS thread is useful as it discusses fitting to a 824 boiler. Part...
  6. C

    NEST 3, ESI and no "Saitisfied" for HW

    Hello, I'm going to replace my ESI controls and thermostats with 2 NESTS. I have 2-zone + HW GCH. I think I've worked everything out and I'm confident that I can get this done myself. On the pictures attached you can see main board and zoom on the wires that I can reuse. They are upside down...
  7. D

    Help installing a nest device

    Hi there. I am to install my nest device tonight and just need to clarify that Nest 1 = CH Off Nest 3 = CH On Nest 4 = HW Off Nest 6= HW On Also wondering if my current set up has two wires per terminal should that mean I should also have two wires per terminal in the nest devise. Any help...
  8. A

    Need help with Nest wiring to boiler and underfloor vent

    Hello all Hoping to get some help here. I just got a nest 3 to replace my existing system. My boiler is Ferroli DOMIcompact F30B and a Danfoss thermonstat. I also have underfloor heating vents and fans controlled by a set of separate thermostat and control. Its a Danfoss clock thermostat...
  9. D

    Wiring Nest heatlink to Vaillant ecoTEC 937

    Hi, 1st post and I'm a bit of an amatuer (can do basic wiring) so be gentle... Basically I need to wire a 3rd generation Nest Heatlink to a Vaillant EcoTEC 937. Could someone please relate the Nest instructions to the boiler wiring diagram for me? I'm not sure which Nest instructions I should...
  10. J

    Replacing Centaurplus C27 with Nest Gen 3

    Hi I've purchased a 3rd gen nest to completely replace a horstmann centaur plusc27 programmer. It's controlling a mistral boiler and we currently do not have a thermostat. The wiring is just to complicated for me to work out. Could anyone help with what wires go where on the heat link...
  11. D

    Installation of Nest 3rd Generation (Vaillant ecoTec Pro 28)

    I've got a Next 3rd generation and would like some guidance on the wiring for the Heat Link as I'm struggling to follow the wiring diagram in the manual. Existing thermostat is Drayton Digistat SCR - wiring is shown in the attached picture. Can someone tell me what wires goes where? Does the...
  12. Chetz01

    Nest 3rd Gen Thermostat into Y Plan

    Hello, this forum has been helpful before so I thought I would ask something new! I have recently purchased a Nest 3rd Gen Thermostat and I'm looking to install it myself, the system seems to comprise of 2 parts, a Heat Link and a digital Thermostat. My house has a regular boiler fitted with...
  13. S

    Nest Gen 3 installation - replace controller?

    I nearly bought a Nest Gen 2 and would have been quite happy installing the Heatlink where my current thermostat is but now they have brought out the 3rd generation which has HW timer as well as CH I have some installation questions. I have: Ideal Minimiser SE boiler British Gas UP1 controller...