nest 3rd gen

  1. adamfozz

    Gravity System But Programmer c-plan???

    Hello Everybody, I just cost myself a call out trying to work out the heating system in my new house but oh well! I have an old Worcester boiler (oil fed) with a gravity fed system. So, I wanted to install a Google nest third gen and went into the Honeywell programmer expecting to see the...
  2. ChingiZ

    Nest Thermostat E. How does it work with underfloor heating.

    Hi. So Combi Boiler Heating type: Water Underfloor heating, Only one Zone. Nest type: Nest Thermostat E (Images For Reference) Just received the Nest Thermostat E and trying to replace it instead of the OLD Thermostat, but I am having some difficulties with connecting the underfloor heating as...
  3. smunir

    Replacing Salus RT520TX wireless thermostat with Google Nest

    it's a Alpha E-Tec 33 combi boiler. We have a Nest 3rd generation thermostat waiting to be installed and I was considering having a go installing it myself but just want to ask opinion on here first then decide whether or not to get a professional to do it. There is a fused spur going into the...
  4. V

    Connect US Nest to Vaillant Ecotec Plus 618

    I have a US Nest Learning thermostat that I want to connect to my Vaillant gas boiler (Ecotec Plus 618 - Vu186/3-5 R1). The boiler accepts both 24V and 230V thermostats as well as eBus. Below I am attaching a diagram with the connections as well a photo from my Nest Thermostat Installation...
  5. L

    OpenTherm using a wireless Nest

    Just thinking ahead to my next boiler, which will probably be a Baxi 800. On a Baxi to use OpenTherm using a Baxi uSense smart controller, the controller has to be hard wired to the boiler, which is no good for me. Looking at the Nest, it appears the hard wiring only goes to the Nest Heat Link...
  6. D

    Nest Thermostat

    Hello, this must be a fairly easy, yes or no type of a question. i just replaced Nest with a Tado leaving my Nest thermostat redundant. I was wondering if i can use the Nest Thermostat to be a standalone device just showing me the time and weather as it is not connected to the heatlink. Regards.
  7. M

    Replacing a Salus iT500 RX with3rd Gen NEST and Worcester 30CDi conventional boiler

    Hello, my Salus wi-fi Gateway has finally died and it's time to replace the unreliable system with a Nest. Could anyone advise on wiring the Nest heatlink to replace the iT500 RX receiver unit please? The current wiring is as per the images attached, as follows: 1. Red cable from CH COM to CH...
  8. SirMario

    Help Needed - Nest Thermostat replacing a Danfoss TP9000

    I have been spending a lot of time at home (due to the coronavirus epidemic), and I decided to take the plunge, learn something new and replaced my Danfoss TP9000 with a nest thermostat 3rd generation. After reading a lot of forum and posts online I was pretty confident that it would be easy...
  9. H

    Vaillant Ecotec 824 Plus with new Nest thermostat

    I’ve recently had a nest 3rd gen thermostat installed into this boiler, seemed nifty at the time however, this replaced no previous thermostat (we used to manually switch it on and off and there’s a panel at the front with a analog timer). So the nest 3rd gen replaced this. It’s been a few...
  10. Finn-uk

    Nest - again sorry from ESI

    Hi I’ve bought a new build (I know!) and it has two heating zones controlled by ESRPT5 thermostats. the motor valves are in a cupboard upstairs wired into a white box on the wall. I opened the box today to look at the wiring for moving to nest and found this...
  11. Rebecca_UrbanFox

    LP522 - Nest Upgrade (almost working)

    I decided to get a Nest 3rd Gen (Learning Thermostat) after reading the forums on here. I'm in a rental property with no thermostat and I want to save money on heating, and I figured I could probably take this with me if I move (I also like tech). I read this forum...
  12. PhilT246

    Nest 3rd Gen & Ideal Logic+ System 30

    First post for me and chose to ask here as you seem to be a helpful bunch of people with queries like mine. Here's the state of play... 1. CH and HW was controlled with a timer. S Plan with HW tank. 2. I installed the Nest based on several days of research, tracing wiring and input from...
  13. Mark Scurr

    Require help identifying what these Siemens thermostat wires represent

    Hi there I am installing a new 3rd gen Nest Thermostate which is replacing our old siemens RDE100.1 wireless one. On the wall the old seimens is has connectors that fit into slot on the wall. I have no idea what the zones are so i can't find which slot they go into on the nest. Can anyone...
  14. K

    Replace a Honeywel CM907 with a Nest Thermostat v3

    Hi, I have a problem figuring out how to wire up my nest thermostat. I have a Honeywell cm907. And I want to replace it with the nest thermostat v3 This is my wiring and my heating system. How do I know if my nest thermostat is compatible?
  15. R

    Nest heatlink into Ideal c30 boiler

    Hi We have just had a new boiler installed but the Nest is not working. I don't think its been wired in correctly. Please could someone check the pictures uploaded and let me know. Thanks in advance for any help.
  16. C

    Baxi Argenta 32 and Nest Gen3

    Hi all, I have been trawling the internet trying to get some information on how to connect a nest to my new boiler, i live in Spain and the instructions for the boiler don't seem to be available in English... Baxi didn't either bother to reply! as i understand it the Baxi have the usense ubit...
  17. K

    Upgrading form Danfoss to Nest

    Hi All, After scouring the web I thought I was up to swapping my current system over to the Nest Learning Thermostat, once looking at my own wiring I'm lost again. None of the examples I've found online have wiring the same as mine. Currently have: Remeha Avanta Plus Boiler Danfoss ts715si...
  18. A

    Nest installed does old wireless thermostat need disconnecting?

    We have a Baxi Ecoblue plus 24 combi boiler with the Baxi Ecoblue wireless thermostat (7212344) We have installed the nest 3rd gen thermostat. The boiler terminal blocks b1 and bk2 are connected to terminals 2 and 3 on the heat link. We have gone through the set up and all seems ok, there is a...
  19. Connor1995

    Nest Thermostat - Gloworm ultimate 30c

    Hi all! I recently purchased a nest thermostat to accompany my gloworm ultimate 30c combi boiler. I originally wired the heat link to the drawing supplied with the instructions supplied with the nest but that didn’t seem to work and my boiler would only turn on once I went past the set limit...
  20. C

    Nest 3rd Gen | Heat Link | OpenTherm | Clicking but no heating

    Hi all, I'm looking for some advice on my self-installation of my NEST 3rd generation thermostat. I previously installed this set-up in my old property which had the same boiler and everything worked. Recently moved properties and set-up the nest again and my issues have begun... Just looking...