nest 3rd gen

  1. C

    Nest 3 / Easicom 28

    Hello, I’ve been going round in circles on this and could really do with some help! I have a Glowworm Easicom 28 Boiler which connects to a Glowworm thermostat in my hall. I would like to instal a Nest 3 to improve efficiency (and because the controls on the thermostat are very clunky). I think...
  2. S

    Can I get a dual channel thermostat with this setup?

    This is the wiring block on my Worcester Greenstar 27ri boiler. I just want to check that a dual channel Nest Heat Link will work with it? If it's simple to wire up, a nudge in the right direction would also be massively appreciated. Thanks very much, Simon
  3. R

    Nest - Away Mode, heating still comes on

    I have a Google Nest 3rd gen, bought 2022. The Away Mode is driving me mad. I turn the Away Mode on when I go away (which supposedly puts the heating to 'Eco' 10.5 degree mode). But then checking the history in the app, I can see that my heating has still been coming on according to my usual...
  4. D

    Replacing Danfoss FP715SI with Nest Third Generation

    I am wanting to replace my current thermostat/ programmer with the Nest 3rd generation. I have a conventional boiler. Before I go ahead and buy it I want to make sure it will work and what wiring needs to be in place. Any help is appreciated. The large amount of wiring is located beneath the...
  5. C

    Nest 3rd Gen with Worcester 40CDi - Pump always on

    Hello, I have just had installed a Nest 3rd Gen thermostat so I can control my heat remotely, on my 12 year old Worcester Bosch 40CDi Combi Boiler. Everything appears to be working just fine apart from it seems the heating pump runs continuously 24/7. Im pretty sure this should not happen...
  6. M

    How to wire 2 Nest thermostats in 2 zone central heating system (2x 2port valves) + Opentherm

    Hello, I spent some time reading threads on forums to figure out how my heating system should be wired. I need guidance from those more knowledgable than I. My current set up consist Intergas Xtreme 36 boiler with two Opentherm inputs. Nest 3rd gen connected to one Opentherm input to control...
  7. C

    Boulter Camray 5 Oil Combi - Nest Wiring Query

    Hello! I'm looking for some assistance with installing a Nest Heat Link and Thermostat to my old Boulter Camray 5 combi boiler. I have a programmer fitted to the boiler which is original as far as I can tell, with the programmer and wiring diagram shown in the images below. I'm confused as...
  8. FilfyQuipper

    Installing 3rd Gen Nest in Glow-Worm Ultracom 2 35 Store

    Hi, I'm looking to upgrade the wireless thermostat system used on my Glow-Worm Ultracom 2 35 Store from a Climapro2 to a 3rd Generation Nest I've recently purchased. I had hoped I'd be able to hook into a couple of screw terminals on the 24V board (after getting 240V from the junction box...
  9. K

    Winterise static caravan with Nest thermostat

    I have a Nest z3rd generation learning thermostat fitted in my static caravan which controls the heating on my Morco GB 24 boiler. I will soon need to winterise my caravan and will be draining down the hot and cold water system using a Floe 868 and setting the boiler to frost stat. Am I right...
  10. Glitchedduck

    Boiler won’t activate with Nest

    Hi all, Having some issues with Nest or boiler not sure what one is causing the issue. It’s a Biasi advanced 25c boiler with Nest 3rd gen thermostat. Basically been working fine for the 4 years it’s been installed, went to test it out a few weeks ago and it wouldn’t fire up in manual mode but...
  11. W

    Nest thermostat installation

    Hi all, Apologies another nest thermostat query re installation. Reading the other pages has been helpful and think I'm nearly there. Current set up: from mains fuse box 3 core cable to isolation switch - then a Live and Neutral come off and go to control panel (currently centaurplus c27), a...
  12. R

    Nest Installation - Understanding my wiring

    Hi All, Recently moved into a new house and hot water is not triggering the boiler to fire up. Not sure what's causing this but since I wanted to install Nest anyways I thought I'd get this done and see if the problem remains. My System has a hot water tank with 2 motorised valves and as per my...
  13. F

    Nest 3rd Gen / Heat Link not Turning on Hot Water unless heating is on

    Hi We recently bought a new home that already had a Nest heat link and thermostat, which we have taken on. Everything was working well and the system had learnt our schedule, giving us heating and hot water at certain times of the day. Due to a kitchen refurbishment, we needed to move the heat...
  14. M

    Another Nest Themorstat (3rd gen) question

    Hi all, I want to replace my current thermostat (pictures below) with the Nest Thermostat, but wire labels don't match. My boiler is Worcester Greenstar 24i Junior combi boiler, which is on the back of the wall where the thermostat is. Any help is massively appreciated on how to set it...
  15. D

    Heat link wiring to Honeywell Smartfit

    Hi, I’ve read multiple posts about installing the Nest Heat Link to the Honeywell Smartfit. However I seem to be struggling on how to physically wire it up. The attached photo is how the smartfit is wired up currently with everything working. Can anyone offer some advice and guidance on how...
  16. N

    Running Nest Wires

    Hi Folks, I can’t see that anyone has answered this anywhere else… Plumbers are coming next week to fit new boiler and nest thermostats, Replacing a pair of oldish wireless ones. I have asked for the the thermostats to be wired in rather than wireless, which they are happy to do as long as...
  17. G

    Nest Gen 3 to replace an old Horstmann Potterton controller to a Ideal Mexico 2 Boiler

    Hi, We have just moved in to an old property with a Ideal Mexico 2 boiler controlled from a Horstmann Potterton controller. The timer function has just stopped working and I thought I could upgrade the potterton controller to a Nest thermostat with heat link. I think the Ideal Mexico 2 is a...
  18. R

    Nest 3rd Gen - No Hot Water Control

    Hello I managed to replace our old Honeywell ST9420C and wireless thermostat with the Nest Learning Thermostat V3 using the following wiring layout: Honeywell-Nest N-N L-L, 2 & 5 4-3 3-6 Previously, on the old Honeywell programmer there were just 4 wires - N, L, 3, 4. This is working fine...
  19. R

    Replacing Honeywell ST9420C and Wireless Thermostat with Google Nest

    UPDATE: Now resolved this myself, thanks to earlier post by Muggles. I just forgot to put the additional live connections to T2 and T5. Silly mistake on my part but all working fine now. Hello I’ve just bought a Google Nest Learning Thermostat v3 to replace our old setup. Sorry, I know there...
  20. K

    TP5000 to nest 3generation

    hello Team I know there is an old topic about the same thing but I'm not sure I understand can you tell me if when I change I have to connect the tp5000 the brown and black cables or it is in yellow regards